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Nicolas Cage rocks Nicolas Cage T-shirt at Guns N' Roses concert

Macaulay Culkin recently had a meta moment when he wore a T-shirt featuring a photo of Ryan Gosling, who was wearing a T-shirt featuring a photo of Culkin. Now another famous face has taken to wearing a self-referential tee. But in the case of Nicolas Cage, he cut out the middle man.

Cage sported a shirt with his own face emblazoned on it at a Saturday night Guns N' Roses concert in Las Vegas.

Mr Nicolas Cage and Mr Andrew Dice Clay

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A photo the band posted to Instagram shows Cage decked out in a cowboy hat, beads and a top showcasing an Internet-favorite image — one of the actor as the always-intense Peter Loew from "Vampire's Kiss." He's seen standing next to actor-comedian (and presumably fellow GNR fan) Andrew Dice Clay.

As another shot from the band reveals, Cage (and his me-tee) even hit the stage for the final bow at the end of the night.

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