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Nicolas Cage clones himself for 'Saturday Night Live'

Nicolas Cage, left, played a clone of himself, while Andy Samberg played the original on "SNL."

If you didn't get enough of actor Nicolas Cage and his ... ahem ... eternally youthful looks these last few days, it's OK. You're not alone. "Saturday Night Live" wants more of the non-vampiric star too. Twice as much.

The show offered up double the Cage during its "Get in the Cage" segment of Weekend Update Saturday night when the actor (played by Andy Samberg) was joined by Clone Nic Cage (played by Cage).  The reason for twice the awesome? As the ... uhh ... "real" Cage explained, his "dream as an actor is to appear in every film ever released. However, until now, I've only been able to muster up a measly 90 percent."

And that's where science comes in, according to the "real" actor. "I'm proud to announce that my cloning experiment has finally come to fruition."

Confused? So was Weekend Update host Seth Meyers.

"I am his clone," Cage No. 2 explained. "While physically we are exactly the same, there are some slight differences personality wise. ... This Nic is an exaggerated, screaming psychopath who just doesn't exist!"

Check it out:

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