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Nickelodeon star Lucas 'Fred' Cruikshank reveals he's gay in new video

Actor, comedian and YouTube star Lucas Cruikshank, whose childlike character Fred Figglehorn was turned into a franchise by Nickelodeon, has made a new video in which he reveals he is gay.

Sitting down to a question and answer session in bed with his friend, actress Jennifer Veal in a new video posted on Cruikshank's channel, the 19-year-old told the camera, "I'm gay." 

It was clearly a planned event: The video was edited to include a small barrage of questions from fans asking if he was, in fact, gay. Cruikshank laughed before and after answering as Veal covered her mouth. 

"It feels so weird saying that on camera!" said Cruikshank, who turns 20 in late August, adding, "My family and friends have known for, like, three years, I just haven't felt the need to announce it on the Internet. I feel awkward!"

He got lots of support from fans on Twitter (though a few ladies, including Veal, expressed their disappointment that they wouldn't be able to date him), and later tweeted his thanks.



But one fan's direct message of congrats had him over the moon. He posted a screen cap of Cher telling him, "proud of you!"



"Fred" is a home grown character of Cruikshank's who appeared in small roles on "iCarly" and "Hannah Montana." Cruikshank eventually brought the character to the movies, with TV films including 2010's "Fred: The Movie" and 2011's "Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred." He has since appeared elsewhere on Nickelodeon, starring in "Marvin Marvin" (though not as Fred).