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South Carolina bride blows dust off wedding vows after dating for 15 years

Bride Christie Jefferies surprised everyone — including her husband — with the hilarious moment at the altar.

One South Carolina couple’s wedding went viral on social media for a hilarious stunt the bride pulled at the altar. 

After 15 years together, Christie and Byron Jefferies tied the knot on October 15 at the School House Venue in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. One hilarious moment from their wedding has caught the attention of social media nearly one month after their wedding: the couple’s vows. 

In a clip shared on social media by the venue and captured by The Ten Oh Eight Co, the couple were standing face-to-face as they prepared to exchange vows. When the bride pulled out her vows, she unfolded the piece of paper before proceeding to blow fake dust off the sheet. The attendees immediately burst into laughter and applause, while the groom appeared surprised, then amused, by the situation.

“Absolutely hilarious! Extremely witty + clever move by our bride, Christie, the other weekend during their ceremony vow exchange,” the venue captioned the video on TikTok, which has amassed 21 million views on the platform as well as nearly 60 million views on Instagram. “As a tribute to being together almost 15 years, Christie decided to ‘blow the dust’ off of her ceremony vows in preparation for reading her vows to Byron! Byron’s Reaction = PRICELESS.”

The couple’s relationship timeline started in 2006 when they were introduced by mutual friends at Clemson University. However, the couple didn’t start dating until the following year when Byron Jefferies presented his now-wife with a candy on Valentine’s Day that said, “I want you.”

Throughout their relationship, the couple has faced several trials and tribulations, including distance, financial hardship, loss, and new educational opportunities. Throughout all that the couple endured, they had one another and ultimately got engaged on November 13, 2021 at the place they first met surrounded by their friends and family.

After they first met, Christie Jefferies went on to tutor her now-husband in physics.
After they first met, Christie Jefferies went on to tutor her now-husband in physics.Erin Eads/The Ten Oh Eight Co

“It’s a little crazy to think that our intimate moment has now been seen by so many people,” Christie Jefferies told NBC affiliate WYFF, explaining that her husband was insistent they say their own vows while she would’ve preferred to follow the script from the preacher.

The couple’s relationship has always included humor and laughter, with Byron Jefferies telling the outlet that their wedding hashtag was “#AlwaysLateButWorthTheWait,” a statement that the groom ended his own vows with. However, he was in for a surprise when his wife read her own. 

She recalled one of her bridesmaids pointing out how dusty her vows looked, a moment that slipped past her husband who was expecting a slew of romantic and sentimental declarations from his wife. Instead, he was met with a funny moment the couple will remember for years to come.

“I think I went through a range of emotions,” he said. “Within that video, like ‘Oh my god, what is that?’ to ‘Oh my god, I see what you did there.’”

Ultimately, the moment spoke to the couple’s foundation of their relationship, which according to Byron Jefferies includes laughter and love. He explained, “Without laughter and love, I don’t think we could’ve gotten through 15 years together.”

Christie and Byron Jefferies' wedding day was filled with funny references to their 15-year-long relationship leading up to their wedding day.
Christie and Byron Jefferies' wedding day was filled with funny references to their 15-year-long relationship leading up to their wedding day.Erin Eads/The Ten Oh Eight Co

Sean Eads, the owner of The Ten Oh Eight Co and the venue, was the videographer on the day and captured the couple’s special — and hilarious — moment. Eads told TODAY on a phone call that throughout the years, the team has recorded other humorous moments from weddings, but nothing has caught the attention like Christie Jefferies’ vows in what he said was an "original" moment.

“The bride was the only one that knew it was coming,” Eads said. “It took a good two minutes for everyone to settle down and for her to gather herself and transition into the sentimental part of her vows. I think it was both a surprise and sense of relief. There’s been so much stress and emotion leading up to that day and that moment."

He added, "They’ve been together 15 years, they’re finally at the altar saying their vows, and then she does that, and it's just kind of a sense of relief and some comedy."

Ultimately, Eads said the comedic moment was coupled with “happiness and love,” adding, “It’s what they encompass as a couple and you can see that through the video.”