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‘Sister Wives’ star Christine Brown wears hilarious polygamy T-shirt while cooking on Thanksgiving

Brown spent the holiday with her husband, David Woolley, whom she married in October.
/ Source: TODAY

“Sister Wives” star Christine Brown is poking fun at her previous relationship with Kody Brown as she celebrates her first Thanksgiving with husband, David Woolley

Christine Brown, who tied the knot with Woolley in October after getting engaged in April, uploaded a funny video to Instagram of her cooking crescent rolls for the holiday while wearing a “I’ve tried polygamy” T-shirt. 

“Happy Thanksgiving!” she cheered in the Instagram live clip. She skimmed the comments and appeared to respond to a fan inquiring about her shirt. 

“My shirt, it’s ‘I’ve tried polygamy,’” she proudly said. Then, she turned around and revealed that the back said “Polygamy Porter” in bold letters and “Why have just one?”

She later added, “This is my first Thanksgiving with David! He is making the turkey and the mashed potatoes.” The 51-year-old reality television star said that their families were also spending Thanksgiving with them and helping with the cooking.

When another fan asked about her top, Christine Brown explained, “So I went to eat at a place, Bohemian Brewery, and we went there for dinner and they came to me and were like, ‘Out of everybody here we feel like you should probably have this shirt.’”

“And so they gave me this shirt,” she said. 

Christine Brown added that the gift was “super kind” and “super nice” before wishing her fans a happy Thanksgiving again. 

Fans commented on the shirt below the post and laughed at the “Sister Wives” star’s sense of humor. 

“Your shirt 🤣🤣🤣 ‘been there, done that, bought the tshirt,’” one Instagram user joked. 

Another said, “That shirt is epic!!👏😂”

Many pointed out how happy Christine Brown looked in the video. “Christine you seem so happy and full of joy,” one person wrote. “You deserve that. I’m so proud of you for making the decisions that were right for you at every point in your life ❤️❤️❤️.”

Kody Brown and Christine Brown announced in 2021 that they were breaking up after 25 years together. The former couple share six children. They were never legally married

In February, Christine Brown revealed she was in a new relationship on her Instagram story. She described him as “wonderful and romantic and so kind and everything I’ve been looking for.” Two months later, Woolley popped the question.

The couple married on Oct. 7 in Moab, Utah. She shared multiple photos from their nuptials on Instagram

“I’m so blessed! I’ve married my best friend. @david__woolley and I are happy and honored to have been surrounded by so much love.It was an incredible experience with our family and friends,” she wrote. 

She described the ceremony as “the wedding of our dreams.”

Earlier this week, the newlywed spoke to about her new relationship being featured in the upcoming special “Sister Wives: One on One,” premiering Dec. 18.

She confirmed Woolley and her ex will interact in the episodes. 

“David and Kody have met before,” she said. “David’s on (the ‘One on One’ special). You’ll see what he thinks about Kody.”

She revealed to that Woolley and Kody Brown were actually introduced to each other at her daughter Gwendlyn Brown’s wedding in July

“Kody, Robyn, Meri, David, Janelle (and I) were there together in the same space, because it was for Gwendlyn,” she shared. “We were all fine with it. All of it was wonderful.” 

She also said Woolley watched her on the TLC show before they met. She said he expected to see the women fight with each other and was surprised to see them get along. 

Now, her and Woolley watch the show together. She recalled struggling to watch last season as her split with Kody Brown unfolded. 

Christine Brown said Woolley would tell her, “‘You’re not there anymore. That was a while ago. It’s alright.’”

She praised him, adding, “He’s great, because he helps balance (it) out too and gives a different perspective.”

However, the onscreen drama hasn’t ended. In an exclusive clip from the next episode, which airs Nov. 26, Kody Brown says he is “jealous” that Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, his second wife who separated from him in December 2022, are close friends. 

In response to her ex’s reaction, Christine Brown says, “Now you see how hard it is when two people have a bond. Janelle and I have an awesome bond. And maybe he’s jealous about that bond. Maybe he’s jealous that we co-parented. Now you see what it’s like, buddy. And it sucks.”