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People are calling out Kourtney Kardashian after she posted her ID photo

A simple government photo has fans accusing the Poosh founder of “petty behavior.”
/ Source: TODAY

There appears to be tension brewing between Kourtney Kardashian Barker and Kim Kardashian — as evident by the title of the latest  “The Kardashians” episode — and a simple ID photo could further strain their relationship.

So far on Season Three of their Hulu reality series, the sisters have had a few intense interactions and fans are speculating that the “petty behavior” is continuing off screen. 

In Episode Six, titled “The Tension Is Brewing,” the fallout continued between Kardashian Barker, 44, and Kardashian, 42, over their drama involving the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. But before the reality television stars rehashed their issues with each other, the episode began with the Skims co-founder taking a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Kardashian’s experience at her local DMV was a stark contrast to the usual long lines and wait times most visitors deal with. In need of a new ID, she arrived at the DMV in a Rolls Royce and was accompanied by her glam squad. 

She then strolled through the building, which appeared to be empty aside from the workers, with her camera crew before getting her hair and makeup done. 

When one producer poked fun at her for turning an ID picture into a photoshoot, Kardashian replied, “I mean, this is the most important photo you’ll ever take in your life.” 

As her hair stylist added some waves to her bleached locks, another member of her team adjusted the lighting. 

“I really just wanted to look good,” Kardashian said. “Like, why not bring a light and a glam team. It’s definitely crazy, but I don’t care.” 

She requested to have final approval over her photo before a worker snapped the first picture. 

Kardashian, along with her hair and makeup team, examined the first photo, inquiring if it could be cropped or AirDropped to them. 

After taking a second picture, Kardashian was finally satisfied with the outcome and left the DMV. 

The same day the episode aired, Kardashian Barker uploaded her ID photo to Instagram.

Kardashian Barker shared her updated license, which now includes her new last name after marrying husband Travis Barker in May 2022

“Say my name,” she captioned the June 29 post and included the DMV as her location. 

Some Instagram users called Kardashian Barker out for what seemed to be a subtle jab at her younger sister. 

One person wrote, “Kourtney is totally mocking Kim’s episode from today.” 

“Lol after Kim’s license episode…. It’s not a comp kourtney,” another commented, while another person wrote, “Did they shut down the DMV for you too or just Kim?!”

Multiple fans shared their harsh opinions on the post. “I thought kourtney was the older sister? The constant tantrums and petty behavior is textbook resentful baby sister caught in the shadows,” one Instagram user said. 

Others mentioned the Dolce & Gabbana disagreement and said the Instagram post was just another example of Kardashian Barker unnecessarily picking a fight with Kardashian. 

During Episode Five, Kardashian Barker took issue with Kardashian designing a spring/summer 2023 collection for the brand, just four months after she and the drummer tied the knot wearing multiple Dolce & Gabbana designs. 

Kardashian’s “Ciao, Kim” collection, Kardashian Barker said, looked similar to their wedding attire

“It just feels like she took the mood board we sent my family,” Kardashian Barker shared during the episode. “She’s putting out all these vibes from my wedding, with looks that we so carefully curated and then putting it into the fashion show.”

She then cut off communication with Kardashian, with Khloé Kardashian serving as a mediator.

Kardashian hinted at some remaining bitterness between her and her older sister during an appearance on TODAY in May. 

Speaking about her problems with Kardashian Barker, she said, “There’s different cycles. You film it, and we think we’re good and we make up.” 

“And then you edit it, and then I’m seeing all the things she’s saying about me behind my back,” Kardashian told Savannah Guthrie. “And she’s seeing all the things I’m saying about her behind her back.”

Kardashian added, “The tension rises all over again, and then you have to wait more months for the audience to see it and get everyone else’s opinions.”

But, she was hopeful all of their family problems would be fixed. 

“We’ve been there before, and we’ll always be OK,” she said.