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Terrifying audio of 911 call after Jeremy Renner's snowplow accident released

“He’s been crushed,” the unnamed caller told the dispatcher.
/ Source: TODAY

NBC News has obtained partially redacted audio from a 911 call made after Jeremy Renner got run over by a snowplow on New Year’s Day in Reno, Nevada, close to where the actor has a home.

“Immediately! Someone’s been run over by a snowcat. Hurry,” an unidentified neighbor tells the dispatcher. 

“Someone’s in front of my house on the ground. He got run over by a snowcat. He’s been crushed,” he added.

The “Hawkeye” star, who turned 52 about a week after the accident, was injured when a 7-ton PistenBully snowplow rolled over him, winding up in intensive care. The 911 call features Renner moaning in pain in the background, while the caller also said there was “a lot of blood.”

It took more than 20 minutes for emergency crews to arrive on the scene to help Renner. The caller also outlined what appeared to be wrong with the actor.

“He says he’s got ribs issues,” the caller said.

“His right side … his right chest and upper-upper torso. His ribs look like they might be crushed. He’s got a head wound as well,” he added.

In addition, the caller implored the operator to give a time when rescue workers would be able to help Renner, but the dispatcher said snow made providing an estimate too difficult.

“His breaths are getting shorter, so please,” the caller urged.

All the while, the caller tried to keep Renner calm.

“You’re going to be all right, brother,” he said. “This is just pain here, so deal with that and you’ll be all right. We’ll get you out of here.”

A previously released log of the 911 call said Renner was “moaning loudly” and was “bleeding heavily,” while noting he was having “extreme (difficulty) breathing,” and it appeared “the right side of his chest is collapsed — upper torso is crushed.” The snowplow in question weighed at least 7 tons, according to Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam. 

Balaam also said Renner was trying to tow another vehicle that had become stuck in the snow and he climbed out of the PistenBully to talk to a relative when the plow began to roll. He tried to get back into the driver's seat to stop it from moving before he was run over.

About 17 minutes into the 911 call, Renner’s screams appear to slow down and the caller said he was in “a lot of pain” but conscious while covered in blankets.

Renner was eventually taken to a hospital, sharing a photo of himself from his bed on Jan. 3 and a video of his mother and sister tending to him on Jan. 5. On Jan. 16, he posted an update on Twitter that he had returned home.