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Chris Meloni bares it all again in new ad for socks

The “Law & Order: Organized Crime” star strips down and shows off his giant socks.
/ Source: TODAY

Chris Meloni is not shy about being in the nude.

The “Law & Order: Organized Crime” star once again bared it all and this time for a socks ad. Meloni, 62, shared the cheeky commercial on his Instagram on July 3 and it definitely got people talking.

The ad begins with a shirtless Meloni in bed saying, “Come a little closer. I want you to experience the magic that’s underneath these sheets,” as sultry music plays in the background.

“I’m gonna show you my giant sock,” he continues. “Tommie Copper socks.”

It then shows the actor, naked and whipping up breakfast in the kitchen.

“I never take these babies off,” he says, as he lifts one leg on the counter and shows off the colorful socks. “It’s better than being naked.”

“Why?” he asks, before taking turns lifting his legs on the counter and showing off a new pair. “Because naked only comes in one color.”

The clip ends with Meloni laying on his bed, his privates censored, while he kicks his feet up and down and growls at the camera.

The comments were just as cheeky as the ad, with fans going wild over the ad.

“Round of applause for these companies continuing to make ads with Chris nude,” one person commented.

“‘How many times did you watch this” ....Me:’yes’” another added, with another person writing, “Should I feel shame for how many times I’ve watched this?”

One person wrote, “Whoever blurred those buns should lose their job!”

There were also a handful of gifs of Mariska Hargitay reacting to the video.

Last July, Meloni stripped down for a Peloton ad in which he worked out naked. At the time, the actor was celebrating National Nude Day on July 14.

We love all our Members...even those who observe interesting holidays,” Peloton captioned his post at the time, adding #NationalNudeDay.

Being in the nude is something Meloni embraces, telling reporters at the 2022 NBCUniversal upfronts, “I work out naked. It’s my gym.”

“I don’t black out the window,” he added. “And I’m OK with that. My wife (Sherman Williams) is not.”