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Camila Alves McConaughey shares harrowing footage of Lufthansa flight that made emergency landing

The model and designer claimed the airliner "dropped almost 4000 feet."
/ Source: TODAY

Camila Alves McConaughey is detailing her harrowing experience on the Lufthansa flight rerouted by “severe turbulence” on Mar. 1.

In a post shared on her Instagram, the model and designer — who is married to actor Matthew McConaughey — shared a chilling video of the mess inside an Airbus A330 that was struck by unstable air at 37,000 feet.

“On (a) flight last night, the plane dropped almost 4000 feet,” Alves McConaughey began the caption for the video, which shows in-flight meals strewn about the airliner’s galley and cabin. “Everything was flying everywhere. To respect the privacy of those around me, that’s all I am showing, but the plane was (in) CHAOS and the turbulence (kept) on coming.” 

The model confirmed in her post that the video shows the interior of Lufthansa Flight 469.

A source familiar with the matter said both Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey were on board the flight, which took off from Austin, Texas.

According to NBC News, the plane was headed to Germany when it encountered severe turbulence over Tennessee. Ultimately, the aircraft was forced to land at Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. Seven people were taken to the hospital following the rough landing, officials told NBC News.

“The @lufthansa flight you are seeing on the news today!!!! Yes…that one,” Camila Alves McConaughey noted in the post. “Thank God everyone was safe and ok.”

The model credited a hotel near the airport that accommodated her last-minute stay for their “kind” treatment.

“And we made it to the bar with 1 minute before closing,” she added, noting that she slept well and took another flight the following day.

“To the journey,” she concluded her post. “I continue.”

Users on Instagram were quick to express their astonishment over the alarming video in the post's comments section.

“That’s why I always keep my seatbelt on,” one noted. “Only take (off) if to go to the toilet or to get my bag.”

“My biggest fear is flying,” another admitted. “I’ve done so much work on getting over it. Did the pilot explain why this happened? 4000 feet?? Your brave attitude on continuing your journey is inspiring and will stay with me.”

Many users also chimed in with their surprise over Alves McConaughey’s willingness to go on another flight so soon after the incident.

“And you got on another plane! How frightening,” a shocked user replied.

Last December, dozens of passengers on a flight from Phoenix to Honolulu also sustained injuries due to turbulence on a plane that lasted for 30 minutes. According to Honolulu EMS officials, 36 passengers were injured in total and 11 sustained serious injuries.