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New 'You' trailer takes the cake for creepiest baby name reveal

The new season of the Netflix series premieres in October.
/ Source: TODAY

"You" is back! And no, that's not some grammatical error: The Netflix series starring Penn Badgley as a charming stalker-killer, "You," is set to return to the streaming service in October.

And if you're a fan of "You," you will definitely want to watch the new trailer for "You," because this baby name reveal is going to creep you out!

"First comes Love. Then comes baby," the tweet, which Netflix posted Monday, reads. "You Season 3 premieres October 15."

There's no footage of the new season in the trailer, but it does feature Badgley's voice, in character as Joe. "People these days will name their kids anything to get attention," he says, amid shots of a stark white cake being baked and frosted (and enclosed in a plexiglass case, echoing Joe's book preservation room-turned-prison).

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti in "You" season three
Penn Badgley (Joe), Victoria Pedretti (Love) and baby Henry in "You."John P. Fleenor / Netflix

Joe continues, addressing the baby-to-be, "Despite your background and your Glamma's determination to refer to you as Forty reincarnated, I know better. A boy is not what we expected and I would be lying if I said the thought of a mini-me was purely exciting and not without challenges."

Joe muses about what the best name would be for the kid, saying he wants something "strong but not intimidating" and "classic but not basic." And "literary." Which makes sense: Joe reveres books, having as unrealistic expectations for their preservation (he hates seeing used, battered tomes) as he does the women he gloms on to. So the name for Joe and Love's baby is: Henry.

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti in "You"
Would you trust these two with a baby?Beth Dubber / Netflix

Those who haven't watched "You" before might think this is a lot of great insight for a new daddy to have, but those who have ... know better.

"He's a pretty reprehensible guy," Badgley told TODAY in 2019, speaking about Joe. "You start to discover his true motives pretty early on. He's a guy who's capable of stalking, he's a guy who's capable of murder, he's a guy who's capable of a lot of manipulation."

But what's going on in the background behind all of those fancy words is the creepy factor: A cake itself isn't scary, but writing on it with red lettering and then showing a shot of it being drowned in what looks like blood (and after being cut open showing jellied layers that also run viscously) is pretty out there. Plus, that reference to Forty? Extra creep factor there, too.

Why? Well, to backtrack a bit: In the first season of "You," Joe stalked, pursued and ultimately killed the New York City woman he thought was "the one" (and took out several others who got in the way). Season two found him on the West Coast, where he found a new "the one" named Love. Love's twin brother, a narcissistic aspiring filmmaker named Forty, ultimately learned of Joe's misdeeds and tried to kill Joe — but was shot by a police officer in front of Love and Joe.

Penn Badgley, James Scully in "You" season 2
Joe and Forty (James Scully) had something of a frenemy relationship in "You."Beth Dubber / Netflix

Love, who also proved to have a murder in her past, got pregnant at the end of last season. Joe, abandoned as a child, determined to stick around. Now the baby's on the way, the couple are in the suburbs and nothing else could go wrong, right?

Er, maybe not. Sure, Love's training is as a pastry chef, but just how many bloody knives do pastry chefs need? Looks like "You" is about to fill us all in, starting Oct. 15.