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New 'True Blood' trailer hints at royal return

"True Blood's" Russell Edgington could soon be ready to reclaim his throne.

"True Blood" fans still upset by the less-than-regal season-three sendoff of big bad Russell Edgington can take heart. A new trailer for the fifth season of the series hints that the former vampire king of Mississippi could soon rise again.

"In Bon Temps, nothing stays buried forever."

That's the sole message of the trailer, delivered one word at a time as the camera pans up through a deep pit of rubble.

Of course, a tease like that could mean almost anything for a drama filled with vamps and other creatures of the night, but given the fact that Edgington was last seen burned, chained in silver and being buried alive (well, undead) in cement -- courtesy of Bill Compton, Eric Northman and their unlikely accomplice Alcide Herveaux -- he's certainly due for a vengeful return.

After all, his last words were "You will regret this!"

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