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New partnership and big news in store for ‘Glee’

A new pairing results in a musical tug-of-war, and one character gets news that will have a huge effect. Plus spoilers for ‘House,’ ‘Bones,’ ‘Gossip Girl’ and more.
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Question: I came home for spring break to find that my mother had sold my Smurf collection on eBay. The only thing that could make me feel better is little “Glee” scoop. —Blake

Ausiello: My partner tried to do the same thing with my collection. He’s now missing something very near and dear to him. Coincidence? I think not. Onto the “Glee” scoop, there’s an episode coming up in which Puck gets paired up with someone new — resulting in a musical tug-of-war for his attention. Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question: Please help out a worried Gleek. Your frenemy put out a spoiler that there is a seriously sad twist ahead for Puck on “Glee.” Can you spill anything? —Erin

Ausiello: Only that it doesn’t involve him losing a limb or a relative. “It’s ‘Glee’ tragic,” clarifies executive producer Brad Falchuk. “He’s not going to lose an arm. No family member will pass away. He will get some news that is very surprising that will have a very big effect on his life.”

Question: Can you pppllleeeaasssee figure out what’s going on with the “Glee” season 2 casting call? ‘Cause I am majorly confused. —Sandra

Ausiello: I’m told there’s been a slight delay. Look for another announcement with additional details next week.

Question: Give me a good reason to keep watching “House” this season? —Juliana

Ausiello: I’ll give you three: I’m hearing something about a marriage proposal in the May 17 season finale; Jennifer Morrison returns on April 12 (and brings some interesting paperwork with her); and “Lost’s” Cynthia Watros debuts as Wilson’s first ex-wife on April 19 — and word around PP is that her scenes with Hugh Laurie are all that and a bag of Baked Lays.

Question: How much longer will Lucas be around on “House”? I’m ready to see him leave. —Ronnie

Ausiello: True fact No. 1: I was sitting three rows behind Lucas’ portrayer, Michael Weston, on my flight last Thursday from New York to Los Angeles (where I was headed to interview Katherine Heigl for this week’s cover story). True fact No. 2: “House” is in the middle of shooting its season finale. True fact No. 3: I swear I wasn’t stalking him. True fact No. 4: Okay, maybe I was a little. True fact No. 5: True fact No. 4 was a joke.

Question: You seem to know a lot about “Chuck’s” season finale (and I thank you for sharing), but do you know the title? —Lindsay

Ausiello: I think you mean titles. Remember, it’s a two-hour extravaganza. The first hour is titled “Chuck versus the Subway,” and the second is “Chuck versus the Ring: Part 2.” What does it all mean?! Hit the comments!

Question: When will season 5 premiere? —John

Ausiello: Ooooh, I love games! Okay, let’s see… Is it a cable show? Drama? Comedy? Um… Is it Dexter?!

Question: Got any awesome tidbits about this season’s final “Smallville” episodes? —David

Ausiello: I have two, but you’re only getting one of ‘em this week: A *a*o* ****** *i** ***** **.

Question: Thanks for all the 100th episode info on “Bones”! Do you think you can dig up any scoop on the upcoming return of the Gravedigger? Will someone else be buried alive? —Jessica L.

Ausiello: Sounds like a question for exec producer (and fellow Smurf aficionado) Stephen Nathan. “One of the Gravedigger’s undiscovered victim’s will be unearthed during her trial,” he reveals. “The legal battle becomes a duel between Brennan and the Gravedigger. I won’t divulge the outcome of the case, but I will say that we haven’t seen the last of the Gravedigger.”

Question: Got any “Desperate Housewives” scoop? Maybe a May sweeps scoop? —Manar

Ausiello: Rumor has it Marc Cherry was toying with the idea of blowing up a house in the finale, but I hear he’s favoring a Plan B. What is Plan B, you ask? That’s for me to know and you to find out.

Question: I seriously never contemplated e-mailing you for a scoop, but after watching this week’s “Castle,” I have to know: Will Becket still around next week? —Josh

Ausiello: I seriously can’t believe you’re asking me this question less than a week after I reported this. Get with the program, Josh.

Question: I am so excited that “Army Wives” is coming back April 11! Do you have any scoop on what’s going to be happening this season? —Jill

Ausiello: We’re going to meet Michael’s Aunt Edie — and she being played by Ann-Margret! The actress-singer-dancer will guest star in the May 9 episode when Aunt Edie shows up unexpectedly on the base to visit her nephew.

Question: Didn’t expect to see Alex leaving again on “Law & Order: SVU.” Will she return this season? —Mark

Ausiello: Nope, she’s done for the season. That’s not to say she won’t be back next season though.

Question: There are pictures floating around from the “Gossip Girl” finale of Chuck at the top of the Empire State building. Any hints as to what this is about? I’m so curious. —Jaime

Ausiello: If you were smart, you would’ve asked me what happens immediately after that scene.

Question: I need “Gossip Girl” gossip. Please? —Alyssa

Ausiello: Jenny’s descent into madness will become darker and much more twisted. Some seriously effed up shiz is going to go down before the season is over.

Question: Any word whether Sarah Drew will be sticking around “Grey’s Anatomy” full time? —Ellen

Ausiello: No official word. My guess is we won’t know for sure what’s happening with her until the middle of June, which is when those decisions have to be made by. But speaking of the ex-“Everwood” all-star, I’m told Drew will pop up on an episode of CBS’ new drama “Miami Medical” next month. She’ll play a bride who is rushed to the hospital after her mother-in-law a storm causes her wedding tent to collapse on her.

Question: Please, please, please tell me that the blind item is not referring to anyone on “Grey’s,” especially Lexie! —Megan

Ausiello: I can confirm that the B-word will be broached by one of the show’s heterosexual couples before the end of the season. I won’t, however, confirm that it’s the subject of the blind item.

Question: Thanks for the scoop on this Thursday’s Owen-centric “Grey’s Anatomy.” Anything else you can tease about the episode? —Claire

Ausiello: Look for a Mercy Wester who may or may not have already been mentioned in this column to get on the wrong side on Meredith’s last nerve. Also, two characters will have sex for the first time, there’s a wonderful scene between Seattle Grace’s current and former chiefs, and I predict a guest Emmy nomination for special guest star Sara Gilbert.

Question: Got any “FlashForward” scoop, please? —Jenna

Ausiello: Next week’s episode will answer the burning question, “Why’d all those crows croak in Somalia?”

Question: Thanks for telling us why Violet hasn’t been on “Private Practice” recently. But what about Dell? Is he still part of the cast? —Joel

Ausiello: Yes, but a smaller part. As I warned you at the beginning of the season, Chris Lowell’s episode order was cut from 22 to 13. The good news: Dell reappears in this week’s episode.

Question: Any scoop on “Ugly Betty”? —Bridget

Ausiello: America Ferrera reports that the April 14 series finale doesn’t suck! “It’s satisfying to me,” she says, “and I think it will be satisfying to most of our viewers. I think everyone has a very different idea of what they want, which is great because they’re that passionate about it. But I’m very happy with the way it’s ending up.” Unless I’m mistaken, I think Ferrera has previously stated that she’d like to see Betty end up single. Just sayin’.

Question: What would you consider your five favorite shows to be at the moment, or is that verboten as the grand arbiter of all things TV? —Trenton

Ausiello: Verboten shmerboten. Here’s my current top 5 (in no particular order): “Ugly Betty,” “Justified,” “Modern Family,” “Chuck,” and “Cougar Town.”

Question: Is it true that ABC is considering a title change for “Cougar Town”? —Josh

Ausiello: It’s true. Got any suggestions? Here’s mine: “Family Jules.” Get it?

Question: Your recent blind item is driving me insane. I just need to know who it is! Can you give us another clue? —Nicole

Ausiello: Yes, but not here. Let’s go somewhere a little more private. Meet me here Friday afternoon and I’ll narrow the field for you.

Question: You’re slackin! Where’s the “Friday Night Lights” scoop? —Nick

Ausiello: East Dillon’s getting a new wide receiver by the name of — no joke — Hastings Ruckle! According to my casting intel, the season 5 newbie is a tall, lanky, and athletic basketball player who ends up joining the football team.

Question: I just want to say thank you to everyone at “Ask Ausiello” for your amazing spoilers and teasers. (For which I want to hug every each and every one of you!) —Kathryn

Ausiello: On behalf of the entire team here at Ask Ausiello — the writers, the photo editors, the costumers, the lighting designers, the key grips, the make-up and hair crew, my six assistants, four body doubles, craft services, payroll, the gaffer, and assorted foley artists — you’re welcome. We do this for you.

Question: There seem to be some buzz about a Leonard/Penny break-up coming up on “The Big Bang Theory.” Got any scoop on that? —Anders

Ausiello: Funny you should ask. I just hung up with “Big” exec producer Bill Prady and asked him for a scoop about the episode they’re taping tonight. His response was… interesting. “It’s tricky to give you scoop on [this episode],” he hedged, “because it deals with the aftermath of what happens in the Wil Wheaton episode [on April 12].” Hmm…

Question: I was wondering if the elevator on “The Big Bang Theory” will ever be in working order? —James

Ausiello: Funny you should ask. I just hung up with Big exec producer Bill Prady and asked him that very question. “The elevator is not going to get fixed,” he said. “But it’s possible that there might be circumstances under which we see it work. However, it won’t be fixed. That’s your mystery. Leave that to your smart readers to figure out.” You heard him — hit the comments!

Question: I just watched three seasons of “The Big Bang Theory” in three days and now I am completely hooked. Have you any scoop on my new favorite show? —Tina

Ausiello: We’re going to meet Sheldon’s pre-Leonard roommate, Sebastian, in early May. And in the season finale, eHarmony will attempt to fix Sheldon up with his female doppelganger. The role — which calls for a quirky actress in her 20s or early 30s — is potentially recurring, which makes me wonder if Chuck Lorre is rethinking that whole third gender thing.

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(Additional reporting by Emily Exton and Tim Stack)