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New Kids on the Block's new video features some great nostalgic cameos

1980s and 1990s nostalgia is in the house!
/ Source: TODAY

When you start out as a classic boy band with a name like New Kids on the Block, time is not necessarily on your side.

Yet with their new single, NKOTB have actually turned that idea on its head: "Boys In the Band (Boy Band Anthem)" is not only a fun, bouncy new track from the group — but the video pays homage to the concept of boy bands in general, pokes a little fun at the aging New Kids and includes some great late-'80s/early-'90s music cameos!

In the video, the band members (Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre and Danny Wood) all visit a high school class as aged, gray-haired elders (in real life they're all in their late 40s and early 50s) to lecture about "the boys in the band."

Showing off some of their dance moves, they quickly move into listing some other great boy bands, from the 1970s on down to the modern day in a terrific rap sequence.

But that's not all! Watch closely for special appearances from 'N Sync's Lance Bass; Bell Biv DeVoe; and Debbie Gibson (who dances down a school hallway with such style we bet Britney Spears is taking notes).

Meanwhile, the guys are playing with every kind of trope you get in boy band videos, from singing in the "rain" to slow-walking down a hallway.

It's a perfect tie-in to their "Mixtape Tour," which they announced on TODAY last year and will kick off in May. They're touring with fellow '90s hitmakers like Salt-N-Pepa, Debbie Gibson, Naughty by Nature and Tiffany.

But back to the video, where the guys are crooning, "If it is enough, why doesn't every generation have another one? And why do all directions only lead to one? And before you know it there'll be even more to come, can't get enough."

And before you know it, the whole class is waving their arms and joining in.

After the video ends, there's a brief dedication to Maurice Starr, the man who created several hugely successful boy bands, primarily from the Boston area, like NKOTB and New Edition. It's a nice tribute, and proof that even though they're all grown up ... these guys are still new kids at heart!