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New 'House of Cards' trailer shows Kevin Spacey playing with a full deck

Another election year is upon us, and he's planning to win the White House again.
/ Source: TODAY

If the upcoming election year isn't exciting enough for you already, let us remind you that there is another candidate in the running: Frank Underwood.

That's right, the fictional president of the United States is running again for office in 2016, and he's just released his first campaign ad ... which is also a teaser for the hotly anticipated, super-bingeworthy series "House of Cards" on Netflix.

"America, I am only getting started," says Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) in the video, which first shows footage of children running (with flags, natch) through a field, families embracing and jet fighters streaking across the sky.

Is that a promise, or a threat, Mr. President?

There's more, of course, on Underwood's website:, which is full of Easter eggs for fans — like a 404 Claire Not Found page when you click on Underwood's wife's name (remember, Claire, played by Robin Wright, seemed on the verge of leaving him at the end of Season 3).

Vote Frank! You could do worse. Really, you could.

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"House of Cards" returns on March 4.

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