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New DVDs: ‘Premonition,’ ‘Hills Have Eyes 2’

Also new: ‘Factory Girl,’ ‘Ace in the Hole,’ season one of ‘Gunsmoke’
/ Source: The Associated Press

What a week Sandra Bullock is having. This paranormal thriller has her as a mildly bored, mildly frazzled housewife who suddenly starts living the days of the week out of order — with her hubby (Julian McMahon) dying in a car wreck one day, then sipping coffee in the kitchen safe and sound the next. Bullock’s forced to scramble to figure out what’s happening, stitch together missing pieces in her fractured life and try to prevent the accident from happening. The movie is accompanied by deleted scenes and an alternate ending with commentary from director Mennan Yapo, who also joins Bullock for commentary on the full film. Extras include a couple of behind-the-scenes featurettes and a segment on real people who claim they had premonitions of the future. DVD, $28.95; Blu-ray disc, $38.96. (Sony) Read the review

“The Hills Have Eyes 2”The cannibalistic mutants live on in this sequel to the remake of Wes Craven’s 1970s horror tale about a family whose road trip turns into a bloody nightmare. This time, a group of National Guard soldiers on assignment in the desert picks up a distress signal and mounts a rescue mission, only to become lunch meat for the ravenous creatures that crave human flesh. The movie is available in the R-rated theatrical version or a more graphic unrated edition. The DVD includes a Fox Movie Channel segment on Craven, who wrote the screenplay for the new movie with his son. The disc also features deleted scenes and an alternate ending, plus three background featurettes. DVD, $29.98. (20th Century Fox)

“Factory Girl”
Sienna Miller stars as 1960s “It” girl Edie Sedgwick, who had her 15 minutes of fame as a muse and intimate of Andy Warhol before dying of a drug overdose at 28. Directed by George Hickenlooper, the film co-stars Guy Pearce as Warhol and Hayden Christensen as a musician modeled after Bob Dylan, another of Sedgwick’s celebrity associates. The movie comes to DVD in an unrated director’s cut that adds 15 minutes of footage. The disc also has a deleted scene with commentary by Hickenlooper, who offers commentary for the full film. Other extras include a documentary segment on Sedgwick, a video diary by Pearce, a making-of featurette and Miller’s audition tape. DVD, $28.95. (Genius) Read the review

“The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg”The man who wrote the Beat Generation epic poem “Howl” is the subject of this in-depth portrait from director Jerry Aronson, who spent 25 years gathering interviews and footage of Ginsberg, his associates and his admirers. The film follows Ginsberg, who died in 1997, from his rise to literary fame during the beat movement through his counterculture and political activism, his spiritual quests, his photography work and other varied preoccupations and interests. The impressive lineup of interviews in the documentary include Andy Warhol, Hunter S. Thompson, Abbie Hoffman, William Burroughs, Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary, Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Joan Baez, Bono and Johnny Depp. The two-disc set also packs a huge range of extras, featuring Ginsberg reading some of his poems, visiting Jack Kerouac’s grave with Bob Dylan and offering an exhibition of his photos. DVD set, $34.95. (New Yorker)

“Ace in the Hole”

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

The media circus is not just a product of today’s ravenous quest for news. It was alive and well and just as sleazy half a century ago. Also known as “The Big Carnival,” Billy Wilder’s 1951 critique of American obsession and ambition stars Kirk Douglas as a reporter in New Mexico scheming to boost his prospects by fanning the frenzy when he stumbles into a news story about a man trapped alive in a mine. The two-disc set includes a 1980 documentary featuring interviews with Wilder, a 1984 conversation with Douglas, an audio interview with the movie’s co-writer Walter Newman, and some comments from filmmaker Spike Lee. The film also is accompanied by commentary and essays from filmmakers and critics. DVD set, $39.95. (Criterion)

“Esther Williams: Volume 1”The lady in the water from Hollywood’s golden age is featured in five of her swimming extravaganzas from the 1940s and ’50s, including “Bathing Beauty,” her first starring role in a romantic comedy that casts Williams as a teacher at a women’s college where her estranged fiance (Red Skelton) enrolls to win her back. The five-disc set also includes “Easy to Wed,” co-starring Lucille Ball in a remake of the 1930s comedy “Libeled Lady”; “On an Island With You,” featuring Ricardo Montalban, Cyd Charisse and Jimmy Durante; “Neptune’s Daughter,” with Montalban and Skelton; and “Dangerous When Wet,” which blends live-action with animation featuring the cartoon cat and mouse Tom and Jerry. DVD set, $49.92. (Warner Bros.)

TV on DVD:

“Gunsmoke: The First Season” — The classic Western began its 20-year television run in 1955, with James Arness as upright lawman Matt Dillon, Amanda Blake as the saloonkeeper with a heart of gold, Miss Kitty, and Dennis Weaver as Matt’s deputy sidekick. A six-disc set packs the first 39 episodes. DVD set, $42.99. (Paramount)

“The Rookies: The Complete First Season” — Georg Stanford Brown, Sam Melville and Michael Ontkean star as law-enforcement newbies in the cop show that debuted in 1972, with Kate Jackson co-starring. The first 23 episodes come in a five-disc set. DVD set, $49.95. (Sony)

“Voyagers! The Complete Series” — The cult show from the early 1980s follows the adventures of two time travelers who wander from era to era aiming to fix problems in the flow of history. The entire 20-episode run comes in a four-disc set. DVD set, $49.98. (Universal)

“P. Diddy Presents the Bad Boys of Comedy: Season Two” — Up-and-coming comics chosen by Diddy get a chance to show their stuff. The two-disc set has six episodes, plus an interview with Diddy. DVD set, $24.98. (HBO)

“The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Second Season” — Bill Bixby returns as the superhero with a bad temper in the series about a scientist transformed when angered into a husky brute (Lou Ferrigno). Year two’s 22 episodes come in a five-disc set. DVD set, $39.98. (Universal)

“Steve McQueen: Wanted — Dead Or Alive — Season Two” — The king of big-screen cool got his start with this small-screen Western, McQueen playing a class-act bounty hunter. The four-disc set has 32 episodes. DVD set, $39.98. (BCI)

“Foyle’s War: Set 4” — Michael Kitchen stars in the British mystery series set during World War II, following the adventures of a police inspector investigating crimes on the homefront. The four-disc set has four feature-length TV movies. DVD set, $59.99. (Acorn)

“Most Haunted: The Collection” — A band of paranormal seekers heads to castles, jails, pubs and manor houses throughout Great Britain to investigate tales of ghostly hauntings. A six-disc set has 20 episodes. DVD set, $59.98. (Koch Vision)

“Space Ghost & Dino Boy,” “Birdman & the Galaxy Trio” — Two cartoon sci-fi series from Hanna-Barbera come to DVD, featuring winged crimefighter Birdman and interstellar cop Space Ghost. The complete 20-episode runs of each show are presented in a pair of two-disc sets. DVD sets, $26.99 each. (Warner Bros.)

“Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog” — The 1990s cartoon show stars a speedy hedgehog who battles an evil mastermind and his robot henchmen. A four-disc set packs 22 episodes. DVD set, $29.99. (Shout)