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New claims surface against West’s surgeon

Another patient of Dr. Jan Adams, Lori Ufondu, has come forward with startling new claims about the doctor.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

In the wake of Donda West’s death from possible complications related to a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Jan Adams, another patient of his, Lori Ufondu, has come forward with startling new claims about the doctor.

“He’s a doctor, so I trusted him,” Lori told Access Hollywood. “My muscle in my left breast was completely mutilated . . . I was horrified.”

Lori Ufondu had surgical gauze, or sponge, inside her body for seven years. It was left there, she claims, by Dr. Adams.

“It was quite large, quite large. It took up quite a bit of room in my breast,” she explained.

According to Lori, this all began in 1996 when Lori went to Dr. Adams to fix a breast augmentation done by a different doctor. What Lori claims she got however was hardly an improvement and Dr. Adams’ response to her concern was insensitive.

He literally laughed at me. I cried in his office right in front of him because I wasn’t happy and I felt like I wasn’t getting any answers from him,” she recounted.

Though her photos are too graphic to show on our Web site, Lori says she was left with dents below both breasts. It wasn’t until 2003 however, when Lori went in for another reconstructive surgery that her new doctor discovered the gauze.

“He said that when he opened it up, first of all the stench from the infected area, from the infection was really bad. He said his nurses started to cry. They couldn’t believe what they had seen,” Lori said.

Lori sued Dr. Adams for medical malpractice. A default judgement was entered and she was awarded a judgement of over $100,000. According to Lori, she has yet to receive a dime.

Access Hollywood attempted to contact Dr. Adams to respond to Lori Ufondu’s claims, but he could not be reached at press time.