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New beau may be selling racy pics of Britney

As if Britney Spears’ close friends and family didn’t have enough to worry about, those close to the pop star reveal they’re also fearful that her new beau, photographer Adnan Ghalib, is going to “leak” provocative pictures of the pop star to news outlets.

“Photos are already on the market, and although they’re tame, who’s to say what the next round will hold,” said a concerned friend of the pop star. Ghalib (who is married, according to many reports) is said to be brokering a deal via his photo agency, FinalPixx, that could fetch a six-figure sum for shots of himself with Spears.

“It’s not as if Britney’s judgment is very good right now, he could really take advantage of her. Her MTV performance could actually end up looking tasteful, if things go really bad,” said one person who has worked with Britney and attempted to help her recently.

“We have literally run out of ideas as to what to do to protect Britney,” said one person close to the family. “Who knows what will happen next.”

Who’s the better Affleck brother?
If you had to choose between Ben Affleck or his little brother Casey, who would you pick? “Gone Baby Gone” star Amy Ryan, who received a best supporting actress award at the Jan. 6 New York Film Critics Circle Awards, tackled that very question.

“You know sure, I’m partial to Ben because I would not be standing here tonight getting this award were it not for Ben Affleck. I wouldn’t be having many things in my career were it not for Ben Affleck. So yeah — I suppose I’m partial to Ben,” said the actress.

In addition to Ryan, Javier Bardem, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Joel and Ethan Coen received awards at the ceremony. 

‘Medium’ star predicts post-strike future
NBC’s hit paranormal production, “Medium,” returned to the airwaves Jan. 7, and its star Patricia Arquette has some thoughts on the much debated Golden Globes ceremony. (MSNBC.com is a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC Universal.)

“Selfishly, that’s a really nice thing, but it’s important to have a moral conviction even when it’s inconvenient to do so. So I don’t feel like I could show up unless there’s some kind of agreement made with the writers,” said Arquette. “So many families are suffering right now and the sooner both sides come to the table and come to a reasonable resolution, the better for everyone.”

And, if “Medium” gets to go back into production sooner rather than later, Arquette is already thinking what it will be like to return to a post-strike set. “If we come back — who knows what’s going to happen — I (will) feel really rusty,” said Arquette.

Being an actress, however, seems to be in the stars for Arquette, so to speak. “When I was a teenager a guy came up to me and said, ‘Let me read your palm’ — I was at McDonald’s. And he was like, ‘You’re going to be an actress. You’re going to be a star.’”

Kid Rock’s Waffle scuffle pushed back
Last October, Kid Rock engaged in a memorable Waffle House brawl — over a woman, natch — that ended with the Rock being charged with a misdemeanor charge of simple battery. Rock was supposed to be arraigned in Dekalb County, Ga., on Jan. 7, but the case was postponed until Feb. 4, thanks to what seems to be a lack of evidence.

Additional reporting by Elise Byrnes.