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Netflix UK streams alternate ending of 'The Notebook,' Nicholas Sparks responds

What is up with those birds?
/ Source: TODAY

Fans of the 2004 adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' weepie novel "The Notebook" can all agree on one thing: that ending requires at least two boxes of tissues.

Unless you live in the U.K., that is, and have watched the film on Netflix.

Spoiler alert, by the way: We are totally discussing how "The Notebook" ends.

In the original film — though not in the book — both lead characters die in bed at a ripe old age holding each others' hands. But in the Netflix U.K. version the ending cuts away instead to a shot of birds flying over a lake — a scene that is also in the original, but only shown after their bodies are discovered.

Netflix U.K. offered an explanation on Wednesday, saying it was supplied an alternative version of the film.

Earlier in the day, Sparks weighed in on the matter during a visit to the third hour of TODAY.

"For me, it's an opinion thing," he told the anchors Wednesday. "Hey, it's a different ending; you're definitely going to have an opinion on it one way or the other."

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in "The Notebook"
When asked on the third hour of TODAY about the different "Notebook" ending, Sparks said he "didn't know it was coming."Courtesy Everett Collection

So, as TODAY's Al Roker prodded, what was his opinion?

"I like the original film!" Sparks said. "I like the original."

Alas, getting more of an opinion out seemed unlikely; Sparks may not have wanted to get into any hot water. When asked why it might have happened, he backed away.

"This is above my paygrade," he said. "This is above my intelligence."

We'll leave it at that ... for now!

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