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Netflix turns into ultimate John Stamos fan site for April Fools' Day prank

/ Source: TODAY

It's a day filled with deceptions, frights and tricky situations. So when Netflix decided to celebrate April Fools' Day with a surprise John Stamos takeover, we had just two things to say about it: "Whew!" and "Have mercy!"

Netflix, Getty Images

Users who logged into Netflix to watch their favorite films and TV shows Friday were greeted with a whole new Stamos-inspired menu of options.

Gone were simple categories, like New Releases. Now there's the opportunity to watch New Releases Which Suffer From a Distinct Lack of Stamos.


We've got to say, this one-day-only event is really more of an upgrade than a prank.

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Here are a few of our favorite Stamos-enhanced categories:

  • Popular Like John Stamos Was in High School
  • TV Comedies That Manage to Be Funny Even Though Stamos Isn't in Them
  • Reality TV John Stamos Totally Watches But Denies It if You Ask Him
  • Action & Adventure John Stamos Enjoys With His Bros
  • Classic Movies That Have Aged as Gracefully as John Stamos
  • Horror Movies That Give John Stamos the Heebie-Jeebies
  • Independent Films Starring Actors Less Rich & Famous Than John Stamos

And there are plenty more where those came from.


Of course, Netflix has had an extra dose of Stamos online ever since the February debut of its "Full House" reboot, "Fuller House." But as for this wall-to-wall Stamos redo, the actor was definitely in on it.

He even starred in a very tongue-in-cheek mock trailer for a new (but not-at-all real) Netflix Original documentary called "Stamos: A Human, Being."

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