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‘That didn’t age well’: Netflix gets roasted by users for old tweet amid new password rules

"Netflix has officially murdered love," one user wrote on Twitter.

On Feb. 1, Netflix released its plans to crackdown on password sharing — and a lot of users aren't happy. The new guidelines include strict limits on the number of users on each account, even using tools like IP verification on log-ins detected outside of the main holder’s address.

While Netflix has yet to release when they plan to enforce their new policy, the internet already has plenty to say about it. Twitter users even resurfaced an old tweet the company posted in 2017. (A good reminder to be careful of what you put on the internet.)

"Love is sharing a password," Netflix wrote on March. 10, 2017.

Keep reading to see some of the best, funniest and most creative responses to this "poorly aged" Netflix tweet.

Some Twitter users are accusing Netflix of "murdering love."

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. But for some Twitter users, love is out of the question now that they can't share their Netflix password.

“Netflix has officially murdered love,” one user wrote on Twitter.

Another user responded to Netflix's old tweet with a meme that reads, "You don't love me."

Then there was a meme a of an animated person handing another person a heart, only to have it pushed away and broken.

And someone else saying that "love is canceled apparently."

Other people are just straight up mad.

While some people are commenting on Netflix's definition of love, others are simply angry. And they have the memes to show it.

"Liar," reads one meme a user posted.

Another user also used a "lies" meme.

"I don’t even use your service and I find your new policy repulsive," reads a tweet with a picture of a visibly angry cat standing behind a salad.

"Yoooo come here real quick," another user tweeted with a meme of an ominous rock in a person's hand.

Then there are those asking Netflix to rethink its decision.

Some people are even trying to convince Netflix to rethink their new guidelines.

"@netflix you are so out of touch with your customers...Kids from separated homes, college / uni students, those who regularly stay in hospital, those who travel regularly: armed forces, pilots are going to lose customers even if it’s just out of principle," one user wrote.

Another user even twisted Netflix's old tweet to reflect its new guidelines.

"love is not going on vacation for more than 31 says, or having to email netflix if you forget to log in on your PS5 for a month because you usually watch on a firestick in the other room," they wrote.

And then there are people threatening to break up with Netflix.

With the new guidelines coming soon, some Twitter users are also expressing plans to breakup with the platform.

One user kept it simple with a classic breakup line: "This isn't working out anymore, sorry."