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'Nerdy' Adam Levine changes outfits during 'The Voice'

Adam Levine transformed from Mr. Rogers to Mr. Rock Star during a "Voice" commercial break.

Have you ever walked into a party and discovered you were dressed much too formally for the occasion? Adam Levine knows just how you feel.

Three of "The Voice" coaches showed up Monday in black. Blake Shelton had a sports coat over a dark shirt. Christina Aguilera wore an LBD. CeeLo Green … well, we'll get to him in a minute.

Adam, meanwhile, began the night in a gray V-neck cardigan over a plain white T-shirt, looking for all the world like a J.Crew catalog model. And as the night wore on, he became more and more unhappy about his wardrobe choice.

"I love the darkness," Christina said after Kat Robichaud's performance. "I wore the right outfit today." 

"I did not," Adam said. "I did not wear the right outfit today at all. I feel like Mr. Rogers today. I feel super uncool right now."

And sure enough, by the time Matthew Schuler took the stage, he had corrected the mistake. A quick change during the commercial break saw him return in a black tee and black leather jacket.

"I felt kind of nerdy in my other outfit. Now, I feel like I match more," Adam said. "I was just feeling like a dork."

CeeLo Green raided Zorro's closet for "The Voice."

Adam had to do something to get attention, as CeeLo stole the sartorial show. Showing up in a wide-brim black hat and loose-fitting black top, he looked like … well, let Adam say it.

"You look like Zorro, bro," Adam told him. "I mean that in a nice way."

Taunting the crowd
Blake has made a career of catering to the crowd, but he gave the audience grief after Caroline Pennell's performance — and Adam took full advantage.

"I thought you did a great job of staying in the pocket," Blake said to Caroline, "especially with the studio audience that has the worst rhythm ever."

"What a nice thing to say about our studio audience, Blake," Adam responded. "I love you, studio audience! I think you have fantastic rhythm!"

"Suck-up!" Blake yelled at Adam.

"Jerkface!" Adam yelled back.

No words on whether fisticuffs were later exchanged on the playground after school.

Keeping it real
All of Blake's talk about Ray Boudreaux's sex appeal didn't keep Christina from critiquing his vocals. Blake didn't appreciate the criticism, and had the sound effects to prove it.

"I'm not just judging with my lower region," Christina said. "Keeping it professional, folks."

Carson finds a friend
Carson Daly's been hanging out on the TODAY show, so it was only natural that Matt Lauer returned the favor. Lauer's working on a behind-the-scenes look at "The Voice" for Tuesday's show, and joined Carson for a few words.

"I'm glad you finally got a friend to join you in that skybox," Adam teased his host. "You were lonely. It's nice."

Matt talked about no-shave November, which has the "Today" men abandoning their razors to call attention to men's health. Adam and Blake are participating as well.

"I colored in a little gray for you," Blake told Matt, "just to make you feel a little better about yourself."

Fans will have the opportunity to make one contestant feel better Tuesday night with the new "instant save" twist. Using Twitter, viewers will have five minutes to save one of the bottom three artists from elimination.