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NeNe kicks off premiere night fight on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'

Wilford Harewood / Bravo / Today
NeNe Leakes got into a fight on the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" premiere.

Well, that didn’t take long!

The fourth season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” premiered Sunday night and before it was over, the first fight of the season was underway.

It all started when frequent feuder NeNe Leakes sat down with fellow “Housewife” Sheree Whitfield for what Whitfield called “a grown lady conversation.” Of course, it was soon clear that the chat was anything but that, as the women discussed money and “shady” business practices.

Whitfield accused Leakes of double-dealing on an event she worked on. To prove her point, Whitfield put organizer Tyrone, who allegedly spoke to Leakes about said event, on speakerphone. Leakes retaliated by putting assistant Diana on speakerphone. Soon it was difficult to make out what anyone was saying, with the exception of a few loud and notable jabs.

“What you don’t understand is, while you were running your mouth to him, I was running to the bank, sweetie — to deposit a Trump check, Donald Trump,” Leakes said as tensions grew. “I am rich. I don’t need anything from you.”

Not so, said Whitfield.

“You’re rich?!” she shouted back. “Girl, you may not know what rich is, but you need to get your (bleep) teeth fixed.”

That’s when Leakes decided to call it quits.

“If I don’t go, you’re going to be picking Sheree up off the floor, and rushing that (bleep) to the emergency room,” Leakes said to the camera. “So I need to exit to the left.”

And she did just that, with a smile (while pointing to her “$15,000 veneers, baby”).

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