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/ Source: TODAY
By Ree Hines

He's an actor, producer, writer, song-and-dance star of stage and screen and a father, too — and as we learned Thursday morning, Neil Patrick Harris is also a mustachioed man!

The usually clean-shaven Harris stopped by TODAY, along with his husband, David Burtka, and not only revealed his facial hair, but he also shared the reason behind it.

The stunning new 'stache wasn't actually why they visited the show. Harris and Burtka are busy promoting their new HBO feature, "Wig," a documentary that focuses on drag culture and New York's legendary Wigstock celebration.

But we couldn't help focusing on that mustache, too.

Behold the 'stache!Zach Pagano / TODAY

In fact, just before Harris and Burtka wrapped up their chat during the 3rd hour of TODAY, Craig Melvin noted, with some disappointment, "We didn't get a chance to talk about your mustache."

"I'm glad we didn't," Harris joked as he momentarily hid his upper lip behind his hand.

But he made time to offer a brief explanation all the same.

"I'm doing a movie in a couple of months," he said.

Neil Patrick Harris says his mustache isn't just a fashion choice. It's for an upcoming film.Zach Pagano / TODAY

And apparently the currently close-cropped feature isn't yet in its final form.

"I'm slowly growing it," he added.

So only time — and his upcoming film — will tell how big and bushy it gets.

Speaking of that film, since Pride Month is at hand, Craig wondered aloud if the project and the 'stache are "for Pride."

"No, it's for porn," Harris deadpanned, bringing things to a hilarious end.

As for "Wig," it premieres June 18 on HBO.