'Neighbors' star Seth Rogen: 'I don't know anyone who likes Justin Bieber'

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By Randee Dawn

Seth Rogen is known for his comedy and goofy shenanigans with fellow celebs. (His and James Franco's parody of a Kanye West video, anyone?) But in a visit to TODAY Wednesday, the "Neighbors" star admitted he can't stand Justin Bieber — and he's not joking. 

The strong words started in March during his "Watch What Happens Live" appearance, and resurfaced this week during a visit to Howard Stern's XM radio show, when Rogen described how he didn't exactly hit it off with the Biebs when the two first met. Rogen defended his comments to TODAY's Matt Lauer: "To me, the idea that, like, a grown man doesn't like Justin Bieber is not a controversial thought," he explained.

"Why would I (like him)?" Rogen continued. "It would be much weirder if I did like Justin Bieber." The actor gestured off-camera, declaring, "None of these people in this room like Justin Bieber. I can guarantee you that."

Well, not so fast. As cameras cut to a shot of chuckling crew members, Lauer jumped in. "Wait, wait, wait," the anchor protested. "We're trying to book Justin Bieber, guys, right? Applause for Justin Bieber!"

Crew members clapped, but Rogen held his ground. "I don't know anyone who likes Justin Bieber," he said.

The actor brightened when talk turned to his friendship with Franco. "I'm his muse," he chuckled to Lauer. As one of Franco's nude portraits of the actor flashed on screen, Rogen laughed, "It's too early for people to be seeing this!"

But he also saved a fully clothed laugh for late night. Rogen donned a wig and a dress for a sketch for a skit on Tuesday's "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." In the bit about a fictional teen talk show called "Ew!", Rogen plays a girl named Alison to Fallon's Sara. The two spend a few minutes jabbering in upspeak, sipping a venti soy cinnamon dolce cream Frappuccino, until "Neighbors" co-star Zac Efron shows up as a buff girl named Britney. 

The trio take selfies, grind to DJ Snake & Lil' Jon's "Turn Down for What" and settle in for a speed round of photo criticism, during which they render unanimous verdicts on Crocs ("Ew!"), a sloth ("Ew!") and a tomato (Ew!"). The game is interrupted when James Franco sends them all texts. 

No disagreement there, either: "Ew!" the girls chorus.

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" airs weeknights on NBC at 11:35 p.m. "Neighbors" opens in theaters May 9.