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Neighbors lash out at 'Sister Wives' family

Joe Pugliese / TLC / Today
The Brown family on "Sister Wives."

When Kody Brown, his four brides and their 16 children relocated to Las Vegas, they did so to leave the stress and worries of Utah behind them. As it turns it out, there was just one problem with that plan. The “Sister Wives” family has found a fresh set of concerns since arriving at their new home.

In Lehi, Utah, the Browns faced an investigation to determine if felony bigamy charges should be filed against them. In Vegas, they face neighbors who’d like to see them move back to where their troubles began.

"It was pure prejudice," Kody recently told Radar Online of the negative reactions they’ve encountered. "A neighbor tried to have one of my wives evicted."

The family patriarch didn’t reveal which of his wives -- Meri, Janelle, Christine or Robyn -- was the focus of the unhappy neighbor, but the attempted boot wasn’t the only problem.

"We've had people that yell at us out of a window of a car while we're walking on the street," Kody added.

Despite sharing the suburbs with some vocal and active critics, it hasn’t all been bad.

"Only two percent of people have been mean,” Kody said. “The rest have been families just like ours."  

Well, probably not “just like” theirs.

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