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'Neat Freaks' woman cleans public restrooms before and after using them

Folks who like things tidy are often called neat freaks. But anyone who's ever chided a loved one for getting a little too compulsive about picking things up will want to tune into TLC's special "Neat Freaks," where they'll get to meet Alfreta Sailor, who takes cleaning to a whole new level.

Sailor compulsively cleans her home with any implement that can root out crud, including toothpicks and knives; she won't eat fruit in a restaurant; and she's been known to take cleaning products into public washrooms and clean a stall both before and after using it.

"I think it's normal, and I thought it was normal until people started saying it wasn't," she told TODAY's Matt Lauer Wednesday. "I love to clean. I get joy from cleaning."

"Fast Freta," as she's been nicknamed, can zip through a public washroom cleaning in time to be able to use it, she insists. "I don't want to go in there and use it until it's clean," she said. "Or I don't want to leave it dirty for fear somebody would think I did it."

And while Sailor doesn't feel a need to clean up her act, she would like a little understanding.

"I'm not crazy, I'm just clean," she said.

The TLC special "Neat Freaks" premieres Wednesday night at 10 p.m.

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