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NBC takes 'Saving Hope' off schedule, final episodes will air online

Stephen Scott/NBC / Today
Erica Durance and Salvatore Antonio in "Saving Hope."

NBC is taking medical drama "Saving Hope" off the schedule. Instead, the network will make the final two episodes of season one available online, The Hollywood Reporter confirms.

Canada's CTV orders new seasons of 'Saving Hope' and 'The Listener'

Series co-star Michael Shanks voiced his unhappiness with NBC's decision to take "Saving Hope" off the air. "Wow NBC......way to cheat 3 million people out of a resolution to the story #Disappointed#HardlySurprised," he wrote Wednesday on Twitter.

Erica Durance sounds off on show's weak debut

"Saving Hope" will live on, however, just not on U.S. television. Canada's CTV renewed the show for a second season.

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