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Natalie Morales gets mushy over longtime celeb crush, Sting

Natalie could barely contain herself when she got the opportunity to interview Sting!
/ Source: TODAY

Be still my beating heart.

Are those Sting lyrics or what Natalie whispers to herself every time she's in the same room as the legendary artist?!

She's met him countless times, but the interaction never gets old for the super fan and Access Hollywood host whose been listening to his music since she was 19.

The pair recently caught up at the Hollywood Palladium, where he hosted a special "Citi Sound Vault" concert — a concert Natalie had no idea she'd end up joining! (Citi is a sponsor of TODAY.)

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Natalie Morales and Sting
Randall Michelson / Citi Sound Vault/Live Nation

"He gave me really great instruction. I was a nervous wreck. I mean, I'm singing with my idol but trying to play it cool. And I'm like, 'Sting, are we serenading each other?' and he's like, 'of course we are,'" Natalie gushed to TODAY.

No pressure!

Natalie traces her Sting love to deep connections with his music, going back to her teenage days. "As a teenager, [Every Breath You Take] was the one song that really stayed with me — high school dances and all of that, I can remember slow dancing to that song!"

And as most would agree, Sting's variety and musical depth is what makes his work so relatable.

"He's always been an idol of mine because he seemed to be, at least from my perspective (before I got to know him and hang out with him and be best buddies with him), he always seemed like just a cool, nice, real kind of guy. And it turns out he's all of that and then some," Natalie revealed.

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Nice guy or not, it's hard to avoid the butterflies when you run into someone you've had the biggest crush on nearly all your life.

"There are only two people I've ever been completely verklempt with. He came into the makeup room to get just a little powder. I was in the makeup seat and I was like, 'uhhhhh' — I could not talk!"

And luckily, Sting didn't disappoint: "It's one thing when your childhood idol is — you expect them to be everything. But when they're everything and more, that's what Sting is."



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