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Naomi and Wynonna Judd on Ashley's Startling Memoir: "Secrets Keep You Sick"

Ashley Judd's new book may have caused a family rift, but there's still hope for healing.
/ Source: E!online

Ashley Judd's new book may have caused a family rift, but there's still hope for healing.

The actress's country legend mom, Naomi Judd, and singing sister Wynonna have opened up about their thoughts on the shocking memoir, All That Is Bitter &Sweet, which drags every family skeleton out of the closet, including drug addiction in the family and Ashley's sexual abuse.

What do the Judds have to say?

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"The veil has been lifted," Wynonna told Entertainment Tonight. "Secrets keep you sick and families will heal once you get real."

The mother-daughter duo spoke out last night in Las Vegas, where they were taping the music special Girls Night Out: Superstar Women of Country.

Naomi, commenting on Ashley's claims of molestation, depression, neglect and drug use in the book, seemed to have hope the family can still be repaired.

"I think it's key for us to spend time figuring our own reality," the matriarch said. "Every unhappiness is tied to a story, and we have to go back and figure out our stories. And then it's our stories that connect us."

The Kiss the Girls star's book was released today, and it uncovers a traumatic upbringing.

Ashley, 42, alleges she was exposed to chronic drug use by her father, who used his weekends to get high. The gorgeous star also reveals that an older man sexually molested her in a pizza place when she was just a young girl, later leading her into a deep depression.

It had also been revealed that Ashley refused to join her family on their new reality show for Oprah Winfrey's OWN, debuing this coming Sunday. But it seems her sibling still has love for Ashley. Asked by ET if she were proud of her little sis, Wynonna replied, "Yes."

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