Naomi Campbell: 'Never gonna get away' from cell-phone throwing incident

Elle / Today

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By Courtney Hazlett, TODAY

Naomi Campbell's new reality show for aspiring models, "The Face," has promised to show us an "all-new" side of the model, yet Campbell can't shake certain issues from her past. Yes, we're talking about the great cell-phone throwing incident of 2006, where Campbell tossed a phone at her housekeeper, and as a result faced assault charges (and ultimately plead guilty).

"I’m never gonna get away from it. It’s part of my history," Campbell told Elle magazine I was remorseful and regretful. I’ve served. I did that time. And I never want to be in that position again."

Her position now is that of mentor on "The Face." In the show she intends to reveal a softer side of Naomi than what the public is used to seeing. "The public will see the Naomi that her friends know," Oxygen's senior vice president Rod Aissa told Elle. "That doesn’t come across in a picture, but it does come across on television."

It's hard to think of Campbell as mentor on a modelling-themed reality show without drawing comparisons to the long-running "America's Next Top Model" and its host Tyra Banks. Not so fast though -- Campbell says at a minimum, she doesn't watch other modeling shows, and has no opinion of Banks as host.

"I don’t watch the other reality model shows. I’ll never have anything to say," she told Elle. "If you ask me about Tyra Banks, I’m proud of her as a woman of color. She’s given girls opportunity, and God bless her."

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