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'Naked' Kermit: Tina Fey licks me in new 'Muppets' movie

"The Tonight Show" got a little green on Monday with guest Kermit the Frog, who is no stranger to the show.

"I like to come back every 70 ... or maybe every 58 years!" Kermit, who guest hosted in 1979 for then-host Johnny Carson, joked with the show's new host, Jimmy Fallon. 

But the famous frog wasn't there to chitchat about all the times he's appeared on "The Tonight Show." No, he was there to talk about his new film, "Muppets Most Wanted," and the near-controversy it almost generated.

"I'd like to address something for everybody out there ... there's a scene in that movie where Tina (Fey) and I, we sort of almost ended up in the tabloids," Kermit admitted. "I don't know how to put it delicately, but she licks me. She does. She licked me right on the back. And I was naked during the scene, although I kept my robe on right up until the time we rolled the cameras!"

(Tina, if you're reading this, run! Run before Miss Piggy karate chops you for getting too close to her man!)

But what's showing a little green skin? "You're naked most of the movie," Fallon pointed out.

"I'm naked right now!" Kermie reminded his host, who doubled over in laughter. "I'm trying not to leave a stain on your new furniture."

The giggles died down a bit as Kermit took to the stage to perform his popular tune "Bein' Green." The frog crooned the sad tune all by his lonesome self while sitting on a tree stump in a replica of Central Park, but the darker mood didn't last long. During the performance, a festive Fallon in a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirt and clutching a green beer strolled onto the set. 

"Hey, Kermit. Don't you know that today's the easiest day to be green?" the comedian asked, reminding the frog that it was St. Patrick's Day after all, the day when everyone wants to be in green. From there, things took a more upbeat turn, with the two dueting with some new, happier lines to Kermie's song: "We are green, and it'll do fine! It's beautiful, and we think it's what we want to be!"

Learn why Tina Fey gets mouthy with Kermie when "Muppets Most Wanted" opens on Friday.