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N.J. 'Housewife' Melissa: 'Teresa is poison'

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The May 16 season three premiere of Bravo's "Real Housewives of New Jersey" featured a fight that viewers are still buzzing about. New cast members Joe and Melissa Gorga talked exclusively to Life & Style about the incident and what led up to it.

The brawl occurred between Joe Gorga and Joe Guidice, Teresa's husband, after some very heated words at the Gorgas' son's christening. "I was so upset," Melissa told the magazine. "Teresa's never given us any respect."

Teresa and her younger brother Joe used to be the best of friends, but "when Joe and I started making a lot of money is when she really lost it," Melissa told Life & Style. In fact, things between the siblings are so strained, Teresa didn't even want to be at the christening, Joe told the magazine.

So what convinced her and hubby Joe Guidice to attend? "She'd just signed her 'Housewives' contract that morning or the day before because she was mad that we were on the show," her brother said. In other words, it sounds like Teresa wanted to make sure she'd get screen time. 

"Teresa is poison," Melissa told Life & Style. "When she heard I was going to be on the show, she flipped. She wants to be queen."

As if show drama wasn't enough, Teresa has been trying to turn their parents against him and his wife, Joe Gorga said to the magazine. "Teresa would tell our parents 'Melissa this,' 'Melissa that' or 'Joey didn't do this,' and my parents have never been the same."

The Gorgas told Life & Style that they've been barred from book signings and premiere parties, as well as being shoved in the corner during show tapings. Despite all that, the couple hope that the fighting will end. "Things couldn't get any worse, so I'm hoping it only gets better post-show," Melissa told Life & Style.

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