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Mystery trainers help one 'Loser' set a weight-loss record

One contestant sheds an astonishing 41 pounds in the first week — without the help of longtime trainers Bob and Jillian.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

Prior to premiere night, teasers for the “The Biggest Loser: Couples” promised big changes for the weight-loss show’s 11th season. One episode in and it’s clear that was no empty promise.

Forget the usual twists. From contestants to trainers and from pre-show losses to one record-breaking weigh-in, Tuesday’s first glimpse of the all-new "Loser" introduced some welcomed changes and serious shake-ups to the same old setup.

For starters, the latest group of "Loser" hopefuls includes several early standouts. Sure, there’s the much-hyped former Olympic gold-medalist Rulon Gardner, who’s now a couple of hundred pounds past his Greco-Roman wrestling prime, but he isn’t even the most interesting of the bunch.

Among those worth watching is Arthur, who began his weight-loss journey at 646 pounds and dropped 139 before the season began, and Courtney, who showed a similar dedication by shedding more than 100 pounds before she came to the ranch.

Helping some of the contestants reach their goals are veteran trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, but for a few of the competitors, two new trainers will be whipping them into shape. For now, the mystery trainers remain a mystery thanks to silhouette-vision, but the nameless duo has already seen big results.

One player who elected to train with the unknown newbies (and rack up four weeks of immunity for picking that Bob-and-Jillian-free option) was Moses, the latest member of Team Tonga. At the very first weigh-in, Moses stepped on the scales to reveal a record-breaking one-week loss of 41 pounds.

Not nearly as lucky was Orange team member Ana. She trained under the old guard and was voted out of the competition after losing just nine pounds.

Ree Hines’ favorite change this season? Bob Harper’s all-new, far less flippy hairdo. Follow on Twitter and tell her your favorite twist or tweak.