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'My Crazy Obsession' premiere to feature woman who stalks celebs for photos

Some people will stop at nothing in their quest to become famous. For Vanessa Sky Ellis, however, the goal isn’t necessarily to become famous herself but rather just be near famous people.

In the season two premiere of TLC's 'My Crazy Obsession,' Ellis discusses her fascination with meeting and taking pictures with celebrities. The Brooklyn native spends about eight hours a day "celebrity-spotting" and estimates that she’s collected over 10,000 pictures with celebrities, counting everyone from Angelina Jolie to Rev. Al Sharpton as her conquests.

"I’ll go after whoever, whenever," Ellis said. "Celebrity-spotting is most important to me. It's more important than having a boyfriend, going to work, then doing anything."

Between stalking famous people in New York City during the day and her late-night gig as a bartender, Ellis doesn’t have much free time, and claims to only sleep about two hours a night.

"Me getting another photo with somebody, that’s me achieving," she explained. "That makes me feel good."

In some cases, Ellis’ obsession with famous people has made her somewhat famous in her own right. Her fixation on 'Jersey Shore' star Paul "Pauly D" Delvecchio garnered her some camera time during the show’s final two seasons. Ellis would frequently show up at the Shore Store to watch Delvecchio as he worked, and reportedly even tried to sneak into the show’s season 6 premiere party in New York last October. On her Twitter account, Ellis proudly calls herself "Jersey Shore's Real Pauly D stalker."

In addition to Ellis’ tales of celebrity hunting, the premiere episode also features a segment with a woman named Chantal that eats and sleeps with her 19 pet rats. Her obsession has caused her marriage to fail, but Chantal refuses to stop buying rats. Other obsessions featured on the episode include a man who wants to be a merman and a woman who can't stop collecting Raggedy Ann dolls.

The show’s second season premieres Wednesday, April 3, at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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