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Watch Chris Martin surprise English pub with performance of ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’

Put the man in front of a piano and he'll "cold" play you a tune.
/ Source: TODAY

Pop into a pub in the United Kingdom one of these days and you might just spot ... Coldplay's Chris Martin?

That's what happened recently at The Stag Inn in Hinton Charterhouse, a village in England near the historic city of Bath. The pub tweeted a video of Martin sitting at a piano, with drinks and a notebook right behind him.

"You never know who might pop in for a pint! @coldplay what a lovely man he is," wrote the establishment.

At the start of the video, Martin, 45, is chatting with what Billboard reports is an engaged couple, who remain off-screen. They talk about their upcoming wedding, and then Martin turns to the piano, launching into a version of the band's 2014 Grammy-nominated tune "A Sky Full of Stars."

"'Cause you’re a sky / Oh, you’re a sky full of stars / I’m gonna give you my heart / You get lighter the more it gets dark / I don’t care, go on and tear me apart / I don’t care if you do," Martin sings.

Coldplay on stage in Dallas, Texas on May 6, 2022 during their "Music of the Spheres" tour.
Coldplay on stage in Dallas, Texas on May 6, 2022 during their "Music of the Spheres" tour. Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Fans certainly were excited by the performance. One Twitter user praised Martin for his impressive, spontaneous performance.

"The most impressive thing about this is how good it sounds. Just Chris Martin a piano and a pint. None of this studio enhancement rubbish wow @coldplay @StaginnHinton. The very best about," the user wrote.

Another complimented Martin's open and friendly demeanor.

"Most celebrities hate to be pestered when they are out. He could have been rude and ignored people," the user wrote. "But no, he was humble and recognises the public have made him famous by liking his music. Well done I say. Don’t like it leave the pub!"

Martin and his band have recently returned to the United Kingdom following a series of North American concerts for the "Music of the Spheres" tour. While overseas, they welcomed guests including Bruce Springsteen, Lupe Fiasco and Kelly Rowland.