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Taylor Swift reveals fourth and ‘final’ exclusive bonus track from her upcoming album

Swift dropped the surprise announcement during a recent concert in Singapore.
/ Source: TODAY

Taylor Swift revealed the final bonus track on her upcoming album, “The Tortured Poets Department.”

Swift announced the new track and final variation of her 11th original studio album while performing at National Stadium in Singapore on the international leg of the “Eras Tour.”

In a video shared by a fan on X, the “Anti-Hero” singer told fans in the audience that she wanted to show them “something that nobody else has seen before” and directed their attention to the big screen behind her.

The screen included a black and white photo of Swift alongside the announcement of a new bonus track on her forthcoming album.

“So this is the final edition of ‘The Tortured Poets Department,’ it’s the final cover,” she said. “It’s called ‘The Black Dog’ edition. There’s an exclusive song on this edition called ‘The Black Dog,’ I cannot wait for you to hear it. I am so excited that you guys are so supportive and excited about this because I just can’t wait for you to hear it. I just appreciate the enthusiasm.”

Swift announced the new song on her Instagram as well, posting the full album artwork alongside a brief glimpse into some of the lyrics from the tune.

“‘Old habits die screaming…’” the caption read. “File Name: The Black Dog. Pre-order the final new edition of THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT with exclusive bonus track ‘The Black Dog’ on my website now.”

Swift previously announced the album's other bonus tracks on stage while embarking on her “Eras Tour.”

While performing in Sydney, Australia, Swift told her fans to divert their attention toward the main screen where she unveiled the "alternate cover for 'The Tortured Poet’s Department.'"

In a video a fan shared on X, you can hear the audience cheering for the singer as they look at a black-and-white photo of her standing in front of an ocean and wearing an oversized white shirt.

“And so this edition is called 'The Albatross' because there is an exclusive bonus song on this vinyl called 'The Albatross,' and I can’t wait for you to hear it," she said.

On Instagram, Swift also announced her new bonus track and shared the same photo that she debuted at the concert online.

In the caption, she told fans that they can "Pre-order the new edition of THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT with exclusive bonus track 'The Albatross' on my website now."

At the 2024 Grammys, Swift announced her new album when she accepted the award for best pop album.

“I want to say thank you to the fans by telling you a secret that I’ve been keeping from you for the last 2 years, which is that my brand-new album comes out April 19,” Swift during her acceptance speech.

After that, she immediately dropped the cover art on her social media platforms for the album, titled “The Tortured Poets Department," and on Feb. 5, she shared the track list.

Then, on Feb. 16, Swift surprised fans with the news of her first bonus track titled "The Bolted," which will be released on a new edition of her "The Tortured Poets Department" album.

Without further ado, here's the track list for her new highly anticipated album, plus what else we know so far.

The track list for 'The Tortured Poets Department'

Side A:

  • "Fortnight" featuring Post Malone
  • "The Tortured Poets Department"
  • "My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys"
  • "Down Bad"

Side B:

  • "So Long, London"
  • "But Daddy I Love Him"
  • "Fresh Out The Slammer"
  • "Florida!!!" featuring Florence and the Machine

Side C:

  • "Guilty as Sin?"
  • "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?"
  • "I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)"
  • "LOML"

Side D:

  • "I Can Do It With A Broken Heart"
  • "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived"
  • "The Alchemy"
  • "Clara Bow"
  • Bonus track: "The Manuscript"

What does 'loml' mean?

One of the tracks, "Loml," is an acronym for "love of my life."

Are there any bonus tracks?

During an Instagram live Feb. 16, Swift announced at one of her shows in Melbourne, Australia, that she's releasing a bonus track titled "The Bolter." At the same time, she unveiled alternative cover art for her "The Tortured Poets Department" album.

"I wanted to show you something tonight because we've got an alternative cover to the "Tortured Poets Department" that no one has seen and there's an exclusive song on this vinyl called "The Bolter," so this is called "The Bolter Edition," she said on stage as the crowd went wild.

Following the Instagram live, Swift shared the cover art for the alternative cover and how fans can pre-order the new edition that will have the bonus track on it.

Then, on Feb. 23, Swift announced another bonus track titled “The Albatross," which will be available on the "new edition" of her album.

On Instagram, she shared the news by posting an alternative cover art for the album. In the photo, Swift stood in front of an ocean while wearing an oversized white shirt.

Swift announced the final version of the album on March 3 on Instagram, which will include the track “The Black Dog.”

Who is Swift writing about on this album?

While Swift is notorious for writing songs inspired by her relationships, she's also known to rarely reveal who her songs are about. That said, many began speculating that the album is linked to actor Joe Alwyn, who Swift dated for six years. The pair's split was reported in April 2023.

Fans took to X after a December 2022 interview resurfaced between Alwyn and Paul Mescal for Variety. In the interview, the two shared that they have a WhatsApp chat called “The Tortured Man Club” with actor Andrew Scott.

When does 'The Tortured Poets Department' come out?

Swift said “The Tortured Poets Department” will be out April 19, 2024.

Has Travis Kelce said anything about the album?

Travis Kelce, Swift's boyfriend, commented on the upcoming album while talking to reporters ahead of the Super Bowl, in which the Kansas City Chiefs, for which he plays, will be taking on the San Francisco 49ers.

"I have heard some of it, yes. And it is unbelievable" Kelce said. "I can't wait for her to shake up the world when it finally drops."