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'Stranger Things' turned Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ into a hit again

After being featured in the latest season of the Netflix series, Bush's 1985 anthem is now topping charts.
Kate Bush's song "Running Up That Hill" is popular once again, thanks to "Stranger Things."
Kate Bush's song "Running Up That Hill" is popular once again, thanks to "Stranger Things."Dave Hogan / Getty Images

If you can't get Kate Bush’s song "Running Up That Hill" out of your head, you're not alone.

The single was originally released 37 years ago in 1985, and it's going viral all over again thanks to the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things,” which features the catchy tune several times during its latest season.

Viewers first hear it in the Season Four premiere when the character Max Mayfield (played by actor Sadie Sink) is listening to it and her school counselor asks her to take her headphones off so they can talk. The catchy tune also makes a comeback later in the season.

Sadie Sink (aka Max Mayfield) in a scene from Season Four of "Stranger Things."
Sadie Sink (aka Max Mayfield) in a scene from Season Four of "Stranger Things."Netflix

TV and film use music to evoke emotion, and the science fiction drama seems to have left an impact on its viewers through the use of Bush's song. Many social media users felt compelled to share their love of the song selection on Twitter.

"Max has good music taste bc 'kate bush running up that hill' has been stuck in my head all day," one social media user wrote.

Another Tweeted the following relatable sentiment: "Walking around home depot with running up that hill blasting in my headphones. Max was onto something."

Over on TikTok, many users have been posting their own videos with the song to mimic a scene from later in the season, when "Running Up That Hill" comes up again.

The song's newfound popularity is also demonstrated on the charts. The "Stranger Things" fanbase boosted the 1985 song to the top of Spotify’s daily songs chart (it's currently in the #4 spot on the Weekly Top Songs Global chart, behind Harry Styles and Bad Bunny, and #1 in the U.S.). In addition, “Running Up That Hill” rose to the top of the Apple iTunes chart (it's currently at #3 on the Top 100 USA chart).

All of this is testament to the show's popularity. According to the streamer, “Stranger Things” Season Four set viewership records, as did prior seasons.

Fans of Bush, a 63-year-old English singer-songwriter, don't seem to be all that surprised by the song's resurgence. One took to Twitter to say that Kate Bush would "forever be timeless."

According to Billboard, "Running Up That Hill" reached the No. 30 spot on the Hot 100 chart when it was originally released and was a huge hit for Bush.

In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, "Stranger Things" music supervisor Nora Felder explained why she selected the song.

“When I landed on ‘Running Up That Hill,’ it struck me right away. I felt that (its) poignantly expressed themes and powerful melodic flow could align especially well with Max’s story,” she said.

“The song does indeed capture the emotional disconnection between Max and Lucas (her ex-boyfriend) and her friends. It’s the spiritual power of love that allows us to switch places and step into the shoes of those who matter to us that helps us run up those hills in life,” she continued.