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Singer almost gets kicked off Delta flight for trying to sing on board and sparks online debate

Delta says the company "has been in contact" with Bobbi Storm.
/ Source: TODAY

Singer Bobbi Storm's attempt to sing on a Delta flight nearly resulted in her ineligibility to stay on the plane, prompting the latest debate on the internet.

In a clip shared by Storm earlier this month, the singer, who has performed with Maverick City Music, announced to the plane that she's "up for two Grammys." The video starts with her walking down the aisle of the plane to her seat as an employee, who identifies themselves as the flight leader, tells her to "sit down" and "be quiet."

It's unclear what was happening right before filming started, but Storm continues to tell the employee that "the seatbelt sign is off" and that what she's doing is "not a disturbance." However, she agrees to sit down in her seat, and she starts talking to those sitting around her.

Storm explains she "used to sing on planes" and "hadn't done it in a while," but as she continued to speak and was seemingly getting ready to perform, the Delta employee approached her again and asked the singer to "be quiet."

“Are you going to be quiet?” the flight attendant asks her.

“But they’re enjoying it,” she responds, referring to the passengers around her. “So while we’re sitting here, could I please?”

“I’m not enjoying it,” he says sharply. “So I’m asking you can you be quiet?”

“OK. Well, I bind that up,” Storm says.

After some back and forth, the Delta employee says Storm "will not be taking this flight" if she didn't answer yes to his question. Storm agrees to his face, but sang in hushed tones once he walked away.

Following the incident, Delta told NBC News in a statement that the airline “has been in contact with this customer."

"For the safety of our customers and crew, it’s always important to follow crew instructions," the statement continued.

NBC News has contacted Maverick City Music for comment.

The interaction has caused an uproar on social media regarding who was in the right in the situation.

Some critics online agreed with the flight attendant.

"It's not a stage. I want a quiet flight too," someone commented under Storm's TikTok post.

"She's out of order. Flight attendant kudos to you!!!" another said.

"This is why I wear earplugs, ppl ain't considerate anymore," someone else wrote.

"Honestly, I would hate if you did this lol. I need please and quiet on the plane. Congrats though," another person chimed in.

"I like quiet flights. Bless me with peace & quiet," someone wrote.

Other agreed with Storm.

"The devil in him didn't want to hear the God in you..his loss! You keep on singing sis!" someone championed.

"He was totally out of have a beautiful voice," another person commented.

"Why was (he) so nasty?" someone asked. "Congratulations sis beautiful voice."

"She took a few minutes to share her joy. I'm not mad at it."

NBC News contacted Storm for further comment.

In a follow-up video, she said she didn't break any rules and does not want the flight attended to lose his job.

"I simply want us to keep in mind how to treat each other," she said.

"There was no rules being broken and it was just me spreading my joy with people after they gave me the go to do so,” she added.