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‘Musically gifted’ Savannah and Hoda show off their guitar skills on ‘Tonight Show’

The TODAY co-anchors put on a memorable rendition of a John Denver classic.
Savannah and Hoda are guitar legends in the making.
Savannah and Hoda are guitar legends in the making.The Tonight Show
/ Source: TODAY

Is there anything Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie can’t do?

While appearing on Tuesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the TODAY co-anchors each grabbed a guitar and performed John Denver’s classic “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

“I was looking for something different that no one’s ever talked to you guys about and I found something very interesting to me. You both are musically talented. Musically gifted, I would say,” Fallon said.

Hoda and Savannah shot that down, but Fallon said he had heard they both know how to play the guitar.

“We know a few chords,” Hoda said.

“We know G, C and D,” Savannah said.

“G, C and D are all the chords you need to know when it comes to a guitar. And I thought since we are ‘The Tonight Show,’ we are very musical, we have guitars,” Fallon said, as he picked up a pair of the instruments from behind his desk and handed them to the duo.

“Start with the Broadcast and Cable Hall of Fame, next, the Grammys. That’s what I’m saying. I want an album from you guys,” he continued.

After Savannah joked they’d play Lizzo’s “Juice,” she and Hoda quickly settled down and began playing “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” with Fallon helping them sing and the audience applauding. Fallon even worked them up to clap along as Savannah and Hoda continued to play and belt out the song.

“Not bad, right there!” Fallon exclaimed as he led the show into commercial and the mini-concert came to an end.

"It was so fun," Hoda said Wednesday on TODAY.

"We went from shy to 'Hello, New York!' We're setting tour dates," Savannah added about the performance.