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Travis and Jason Kelce thank Swifties for making their Christmas song hit No. 1

"Fairytale of Philadelphia" was released Nov. 15 as part of the Eagles' upcoming holiday album titled "A Philly Special Christmas Special."
/ Source: TODAY

Talk about a team effort.

Taylor Swift and his brother, Jason Kelce, say Taylor Swift and her fans had more than a little to do with their holiday song, "Fairytale of Philadelphia," rocketing to No. 1 on the iTunes chart.

“The Kelce duet reached number one on iTunes,” Jason Kelce told said on the Nov. 22 episode of their "New Heights" podcast. “Our song from the new Christmas album debuted at number one on the iTunes chart.”

“We owe a big thanks to one group, in particular, beside the 92 percenters and that’s the Swifties. Because the Swifties came out,” he went on to say, referring to Swift’s fanbase, as well as fans of the “New Heights” podcast, known as 92 percenters.

“One thousand percent,” Travis Kelce said.

“I sent out one tweet when it got to eight and I got, like, 85 tweets from Swifties across the world saying, ‘Oh, you think eight’s good? We’re taking this to No. 1.’ And they did,” Jason Kelce continued.

“It’s a powerful group. It’s a powerful group of people.”

“Thanks, Taylor,” Travis Kelce said. “Appreciate you and thank you to the Swifties. Thank you.”

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end showed off his singing prowess when he teamed up with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, on the song “Fairytale of Philadelphia,” that appears on the Eagles’ upcoming team holiday album, “A Philly Special Christmas Special.”

The song, which was released Nov. 15 and is a cover of the Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York,” starts out slow before turning into a festive holiday bop.

“You were handsome,” Travis Kelce sings to Jason Kelce at one point, prompting his brother to reply, “You were pretty” before Travis Kelce fires back, “You’re the king of South Philly.”

There also appears to be a reference to their mother, Donna Kelce.

“You took my dreams from me when Mom first had you,” Jason Kelce sings.

“I kept them with me, Jace / I put them with my own / Can’t make it all alone,” Travis Kelce then belts out.

“I’ve built my dreams around you,” they both then sing together.

A clip of the track, featuring the Kelces as claymation figures, was posted on Nov. 14 to the album’s Instagram page, where fans couldn’t hold back their excitement.

“Voices of a generation,” commented the Instagram account of the Kelces’ popular podcast, “New Heights.”

“We need Taylor’s reaction to this,” someone wrote, alluding to Swift.

“They are really are good at everything!! Amazing!” another person raved.

The NFL is also on board with the duet. The league shared a clip on its X account, formerly known as Twitter, of Jason Kelce calling Travis Kelce asking if he would take part in recording a song.

“It’s like two people fighting, but then they really love each other,” Jason Kelce explains over the phone in the clip.

“It kind of works really good for our relationship. I think it could be a look at the relationship of two brothers and how much you’re wrapped up in your family’s lives and how much that impacts where you end up in life,” he continues before Travis Kelce agrees to the gig.

Jason Kelce and Eagles teammates Lane Johnson and Jordan Mailata are gearing up to release their second Christmas album — and TODAY got an exclusive first look in October.

TODAY's Sheinelle Jones chatted with Jason Kelce, Johnson and Mailata about what fans can expect — and if there happens to be a Swift collaboration in the future now that she's Team Kelce.

The Eagles have songbirds in the trio, who released their debut album, "A Philly Special Christmas," last year. The EP consisted of four holiday classics.

“We sing around a lot, like Lane and I will go in the same car after a game sometimes, and we’ll listen to songs,” Jason Kelce told Sheinelle about how the idea spring from locker room talk and post-game sing-a-longs.

Australian offensive tackle Mailata first brought the house down at a team practice and stunned Jason Kelce with his rendition of “White Christmas,” which led to the creation of the first Christmas album. It raised over $1 million for local charities.

While the second album is set, they wouldn’t say no to a cameo from Swift for their third. The singer is rumored to be dating Jason Kelce's younger brother, Travis Kelce.

“Maybe. Not this one, not this time around,” Jason Kelce said, with Sheinelle adding, "Talk about raising money for charity. You could break the internet."

"That would be pretty incredible," replied Jason Kelce. "But maybe in the future."

While fans can't expect a Swift collaboration for this new album, Mailata did a duet with Philly legend Patti LaBelle. He shared that he was “very nervous” to sing with “the queen.”

“I got stage fright,” Mailata said. “Every time I opened my mouth to sing with her, I just couldn’t.”

The NFL stars also take on Mariah Carey’s iconic “All I Want for Christmas Is You” in their sophomore album.

“It was kind of nerve-racking at first, just because, (I) can’t really do the same key as the Queen of the Holidays,” Mailata said. “She’s incredible. So we kind of had to dial it back a couple of keys and, you know, put our own tastes on it. And I thought it turned out really good.”

The Christmas album is for the people. The money raised from the first album sales went to several charities that are near and dear to the athletes’ hearts. Last year, Johnson chose the Boys and Girls Club, sharing how when he was growing up in Texas, while his mom was at work, “That’s where I was. It was always just a place that I felt comfortable and was a good outlet for kids in my community.”

The second album's proceeds will benefit the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The players are feeling the love from their Philly community.

“They just always support the team,” Johnson said, adding that fans understood how important this project was for them. “Once they found out it wasn’t a joke, and it was actually some little bit of talent on there and ability. It (meant) more.”

They’ve garnered a legion of new fans with the album, including Jason Kelce’s little girls who loved to sing along.

“They sing along, they love them,” Jason Kelce said. “(Four-year-old) Wyatt, all last Christmas, she always kept asking me to hear ‘Santa Claus is Coming To Town.’ They’re all into it for sure.”

CORRECTION (Oct. 23, 11:46 a.m. ET): A previous version of this story stated proceeds from the Christmas EP benefit the Eagles Autism Foundation. It has been updated to reflect that proceeds benefit the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.