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Nicole Scherzinger loosens up her buttons with the Old Gays in hilarious viral video

/ Source: TODAY

Just how loose are the Old Gays' and Nicole Scherzinger's buttons?

So very loose!

Which is the best message you can possibly get from a new, totally awesome TikTok from the former Pussycat Dolls leader and the band of friends (and viral sensations) the Old Gays.

Featuring "Buttons" — a tune from the Dolls' 2005 debut album — Scherzinger vamps it up on a rooftop dance floor with the Gays (Robert Reeves, Mick Peterson, Bill Lyons and Jessay Martin) in the video, and things are looking hawt.

The Guys, like Scherzinger, are wearing either a one-piece bathing suit or leotard, with everyone showing some serious leg as they sync their way through the dance moves together. "Aaah," indeed.

The Pussycat Dolls
The Pussycat Dolls in 2003. Getty Images

We love that they're able to keep up with her, and we love even more that at least two of them are not giving up comfort for fashion: One of the Old Gays has left his socks on; another has some pretty well-loved sandals on throughout the clip.

Naturally, Scherzinger is rocking some over-the-knee high-heeled boots, but she doesn't steal the show: The Old Gays definitely do. ("The Masked Singer" panelist also shared a version of the video on her own TikTok, that has since racked up more than 3 million views.)

This isn't even the only Scherzinger/Old Gays video out there. The gang has been sharing TikToks on their Instagram hanging out with her and donning their one-pieces for about a week now.

On March 15, they shared a video of one of the Old Gays wearing a mask in front of Scherzinger (who's a permanent panelist on "The Masked Singer"). In the video, she notes, "That is a bit disturbing."

Clearly, things have been building for some time.

The Old Gays have been garnering a lot of attention lately, initially thanks to their TikTok videos, which have racked up over 3.2 million followers and 320 million views across their social media platforms.

But they also recently signed on to develop a docuseries about their lives (personal, professional and on social media), focusing on their life living together in Cathedral City, California.

No word on whether they'll be showing off their buttons on that series.