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Watch Mariah Carey celebrate Christmas with an unbelievable high note

The singer sure knows how to hit the heights, vocally speaking!
/ Source: TODAY

Few celebrities know how to celebrate Christmas as well as Mariah Carey. And the singer of the classic "All I Want for Christmas Is You" sure does give away some great gifts!

Her latest? A quick video on Twitter posted on Friday and showing her reaching possibly the top of her considerable vocal range. The caption reads, "Starting the day on a high note! Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!!"

In the video Carey, 52, is wearing a thick black coat over a two-piece athleisure combo plus face mask, and seems to be wandering through some kind of institutional backstage area. A school? A concert arena? We're not sure. All we do know is from the minute the video begins, chills run up and down our spine and the dog cocks his head in interest.

Mariah Carey is the Queen of Christmas!TODAY Illustration / Getty Images

This is just the latest present from Carey, of course. In addition to "All I Want," which was released in 1994 and took 25 years to hit No. 1, she's given us McDonald's for 12 days, her dogs barking the "All I Want" chorus (we knew dogs love her), a Christmas TV special, and her twins Monroe and Moroccan, 10, in the video for "Fall in Love at Christmas."

Truly, Carey is the gift that keeps on giving!