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Marc Anthony hops off stage during concert to sing with blind teen

The singer gave Johnny Rivera Jr. a 16th birthday gift he will never forget.
johnnyriveranyc/ Instagram

Johnny Rivera Jr. had a 16th birthday he'll never forget, thanks to Marc Anthony.

Rivera Jr., who was born blind, was dancing with his father in front of the stage while holding his walking stick at Anthony's recent concert at Brooklyn's Barclays Center when the Latin superstar hopped down to join him.

His father, Johnny Rivera Sr., posted a series of videos from the joyous scene on Instagram as Anthony sings one of the younger Rivera's favorite songs, "Vivir Mi Vida" (Live My Life), while sharing an emotional moment with his teen fan.

"Happiest of birthdays to my young King," Rivera Sr. wrote. "My eyes. My heart. The one who completely changed my view of life. Continue to change perspectives. Continue to share your light and love with the world. 🎉🥳🎈🎊🎂

"An epic way to bring in year #16. Performing one of his favorite songs with one of his favorite artist. @marcanthony Thank you for making this birthday one to remember for a life time. ✊🏽✨"

The elder Rivera's partner, Shani Talmor, captured the scene on video as Anthony noticed the boy dancing in front of the stage while singing the song lyrics "Why cry? Why suffer? Start to dream, to laugh."

Anthony, 53, then gets assistance from a crew member to hop down off the stage and dance and sing with Rivera Jr. while the crowd roars.

As he grabs the boy's hand, he sings while trying to contain his emotions, "Feel, dance, enjoy, because there is only one life."

Anthony continues with the anthemic song while holding Rivera's hand.

"Live, always keep going/Always forward/don’t look back. My people, there’s only one life!"

He sings into the boy's ear, "I’m going to laugh, I’m going to dance/Live my life la la la la la la/I’m going to enjoy, I’m going to dance/Live my life la la la la la."

Anthony then kisses Rivera on the forehead for a moment he won't soon forget.

"We were dancing and Marc Anthony saw him there; he came down to sing and dance with him," Johnny Rivera Sr. told Telemundo. "I told him: ‘John, Marc Anthony is here with you and he’s going to touch you right now.’ When I gave him (Marc's) hand, he touched him.

"I saw it in his face and also when he was singing, I heard it in his voice. I think that in that moment he knew what was happening. He is a person singing to another person."

The elder Rivera was grateful for the special moment they shared with Anthony.

“If Marc sees this, thank you very much for that. He will always keep that moment in his heart,” he said.