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Lin-Manuel Miranda has a hilarious ‘solution’ for your ‘Encanto’ music addiction

The movie's songwriter has a fictional ad for people who can't stop listening to the catchy songs.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is joking about how popular the "Encanto" soundtrack is by providing a hilarious "solution" for fans who are addicted to movie's soundtrack.

During an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday, Miranda's fictional ad was revealed for people who can't stop listening to the songs from "Encanto."

"Are you one of millions of Americans who can't get enough of 'Encanto?'" he asked in the video. "Do you have an uncontrollable urge to sing and dance to its irresistibly catchy songs?"

"Have the songs of 'Encanto' brought your life to a joy-filled yet grinding halt? Now, there's hope: Encantix, the only prescription medication clinically proven to curb your cravings for the 'Encanto' soundtrack," Miranda continued.

As Miranda showed off the fake prescription box for a product called "Encantix," Kimmel's studio audience erupted in laughter.

But the skit didn't end there. The video also included a fake testimonial from a mom of two who claimed to have tried the product.

"Our kids were listening to 'Bruno' two maybe three ... hundred times a day," she said as her children jumped around in the background watching the Disney film. "With Encantix, we've gotten it down to a solid 125. Thanks, Encantix."

Guillermo Rodriguez, who rose to fame by working as a parking lot security guard on the show, also joked that Encantix has helped change his life.

"Now I can spend less time singing and more time drinking," he said while taking a shot of alcohol. "Thanks, Encantix."

Miranda explained that the make-believe pill should not be taken like other medications. Instead of swallowing the pill in your mouth, you have to "insert one into each ear canal."

It also comes with some "side effects."

"Encantix is not intended for use to curb 'Hamilton,' 'Moana,' or any other Disney musical," a voice-over in the video said. "Call your doctor if you can't stop talking about Bruno for more than four hours."

"Encantix may cause explosive jazz hands," they jokingly added, showing that exact scenario happening to Miranda.

The ad concludes with poking fun at "Frozen," saying that Encantix is from the makers behind a product called "Frozac."

The hit song "We Don't Talk About Bruno" has been climbing the charts ever since the movie debuted in theaters in Nov. 2021. In January, it reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart until "Heat Waves" by Glass Animals" took over the coveted spot.