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Kelly Clarkson tells Troye Sivan they’re ‘not in a fight’ after ‘Mine’ lyric mix-up

“Hands down, my favorite thing that’s ever happened with releasing a song,” Clarkson said about the lyrical confusion.
/ Source: TODAY

There’s no bad blood between Kelly Clarkson and Troye Sivan.

You may recall Sivan made a TikTok that went viral last month, expressing his confusion over how a line in Clarkson’s new song “Mine” sounded like his name.

“What did I do to upset Kelly Clarkson?” the Australian singer says, before a clip of Clarkson performing the lyrics in question from the song on her talk show begins playing.

“@Kellyclarkson, drop your location im ready to fight,” the “Angel Baby” singer captioned that post on April 19.

Clarkson got wind of the lyrical lunacy and was very amused by it all.

“I laughed so hard,” she said on the April 28 episode of her show when discussing the first time she found out about it.

“Hands down, my favorite thing that’s ever happened with releasing a song,” she said while laughing. “I cannot not think of him when I sing this song now.”

The original “American Idol” winner reiterated that she did not sing his name, adding the line is “your choice of art” before bringing Sivan on virtually to chat about it.

“You are the funniest human. Sorry for the mix-up,” she told him.

Sivan, meanwhile, took it all in stride.

“First of all, I’m sorry to be meeting this way, with, like, a fight. You know what I mean? ‘Cause I love you so much, and I have for so long,” he said, causing her to laugh.

He said someone tipped him off about the line.

“My friend texted it to me and literally was like, ‘What did you do? How did you upset Kelly Clarkson?’” he said.

“And I watched it and just immediately I had the same reaction. I was belly laughing because it’s so scary. You’re so sincere when you sing it, as well, that I was like, ‘Oh, my God, what did I do?’ And then I immediately opened TikTok and made the TikTok.”

“Oh, my God, it was hilarious,” Clarkson said. “And thank you so much. I laughed so hard I worked out.”

She also said Sivan is ingrained in her head, noting she performed the song the other night.

“I can’t not think of you. And then I have to be like, ‘Don’t laugh. It’s not a funny part emotionally,’ but it’s the funniest thing ever,” she said.

“Anyway, thank you so much, Troye. That brought me so much joy. I promise, we’re cool. We’re not in a fight,” she added.