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Kelly Clarkson shares preview of new breakup song ‘Mine’ with heartbreaking lyrics

“Someone’s going to show you how a heart can be used like you did mine,” Clarkson is heard singing.

Kelly Clarkson's new song, "Mine," sounds like it's going to be a hit.

On Tuesday, April 4, Clarkson, 40, teased the song when she shared a clip of herself recording the breakup tune in the studio.

"Someone's going to show you how a heart can be used like you did mine," she's heard singing in the black-and-white clip.

In the caption, Clarkson noted that "Mine" will come out on April 14.

Singer Luis Fonsi shared four flame emojis in the comments, and he wasn't the only person who loved the song.

“This is giving me vibes from ‘My December’ which was my favorite album. So freaking excited to hear her new music," one person wrote.

Another referenced Clarkson's divorce from her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, and said, "Yes!!!! The divorce record all of us have been waiting for."

A third said it feels like it has been a long time since Clarkson put out music. "It’s been 84 years 😢🙌❤️," they wrote.

In March, Clarkson seemingly referred to her divorce from Blackstock when she covered Gayle’s “abcdefu” song on “The Kelly Clarkson Show."

Instead of singing the song's original lyrics, which reads, "F--- you and your mom / And your sister and your job / And your broke-a-- car and that s--- you call art," Clarkson sang, "Forget you and your dad / And the fact you got half and my broken heart / Turned that (expletive) into art."

Clarkson's divorce from Blackstock has also inspired her to write new music. In September, she told Variety that she started working on her upcoming album, "Chemistry," when she and Blackstock separated in 2020.

Then, last month, she appeared in an Instagram video and revealed why she called her upcoming album "Chemistry."

“It's called 'Chemistry' because I was trying to find a word ... that really described the whole thing because I didn’t want everybody to think that I was just coming out with some just like, ‘I’m angry. I’m sad,’ just one or two emotions,” she said. “This album is definitely the arc of an entire relationship and a whole relationship shouldn’t be just brought down to one thing. So there’s the good, the bad, the ugly thing kinda going on in it."