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Kelly Clarkson stunned to learn J. Lo considers her one of her top 5 favorite singers

“This is so true,” Lopez said of having Clarkson on her list.
/ Source: TODAY

Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Lopez shared a sweet moment on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" that appeared to leave Clarkson speechless.

Before Lopez walked on set, Clarkson introduced the singer by listing some of her achievements in the music industry.

"I'm so stoked!" Clarkson said during a recent episode of the program. "She is all the things: singer, dancer, choreographer, actress, producer, host, judge, icon, she's got a star on the Walk of Fame. She was one of Time magazine's most influential people in the world. I can't keep saying all the accolades because I got to get her out here. She's so amazing!"

While introducing Lopez, Clarkson also recalled a sweet memory of Lopez being kind to her after she won "American Idol" in 2002.

Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Clarkson
Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Clarkson on "The Kelly Clarkson Show."Weiss Eubanks / NBC

"I don't know if she remembers this, but in a time, because I won the first 'Idol,' not everybody was excited about talent show winners in 2002," she said. "And not everyone was kind, and this counts so much more to me than anything, she is so nice. She came up and was like this huge star. I was nobody and (she) was just so nice and said nice things and is just a kind person. And I think that that counts so much in a time, especially when not everybody was nice, so thank you to her for that."

When Lopez walked on set, she immediately hugged Clarkson after she waved to her fans in the studio audience.

Once the pair sat down for the interview, Clarkson raved about Lopez's new album, "This Is Me... Now," which was released on the same day as Lopez's new movie, "This Is Me... Now: A Love Story."

"It's the most incredible undertaking, by the way, just from an artist point of view," the "Breakaway" singer said.

Lopez then responded by telling Clarkson that she is one of her "favorite voices ever."

"You're very nice," Clarkson said.

"That is so true," Lopez added. "I have my five favorite singers of all time, and you're one of them."

"What, OK!" Clarkson said in amazement.

During a Feb. 15 appearance on TODAY, Lopez also talked about her album and said she was inspired to make it after she reconnected with her now-husband, Ben Affleck, nearly two decades after calling off their first engagement.

“He inspires me, and obviously, the feelings between us inspired me making this music,” she said.

“He’s always supportive of whatever I’m doing. And he knows that I’m a creative person and I’m an artist, and I’m going to express myself in the ways," Lopez added.