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Why Ed Sheeran and Elton John re-created famous ‘Love Actually’ scene

The musical duo teamed up for a video released Monday.
Elton John and Ed Sheeran took a cue from "Love Actually" to promote their new holiday single, "Merry Christmas." 
Elton John and Ed Sheeran took a cue from "Love Actually" to promote their new holiday single, "Merry Christmas." eltonofficial / Twitter

Elton John and Ed Sheeran are re-creating the famous cue card scene from "Love Actually" — and it's all to promote their new holiday single, "Merry Christmas."

The two British musicians appear in the short clip, which five-time Grammy winner John, 74, tweeted Monday.

It kicks off with Sheeran, 30, appearing outside John's festively wreathed door holding the first of many signs. "Hello," the sign reads.

One by one, Sheeran's signs go on to tell the story of the duo's collaboration, which will be released Friday. "Last Christmas I received a call from my mate Elton John and he told me we should do a 'Christmas song,'" Sheeran's signs read.

"And I replied, 'Yeah, maybe in 2022.' But I actually wrote the chorus that day," the signs go on. "And here we are. Our Christmas song 'Merry Christmas' is out this Friday. Go pre-order or pre-save it now. It has sleigh bells. A lot of them ..."

In his tweet's caption, John explained that all proceeds from the single during this year’s Christmas period will benefit the Ed Sheeran Suffolk Music Foundation and the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

The "Candle in the Wind" singer also shared a snippet from the song's official video on his Instagram page. The video finds both singers — and a group of fellow revelers — dressed festively for the holidays.

"This was an absolute blast! Our music video for ‘Merry Christmas’ is coming this Friday," John wrote in his caption.

Earlier this month, Sheeran opened up about the pair's collaboration during an appearance on "The Tonight Show." To hear the "Bad Habits" singer tell it, he wanted the pair's duet to be as stuffed full of yuletide spirit as possible.

"I said to Elton, I was like, 'I don't really want to do a Christmas song unless we're going in,'" he explained. "'Unless it's like sleigh bells, ding-dong. It needs to be a proper Christmas song.'

"So I wrote a chorus and then went to go and stay with him," Sheeran continued, explaining that he and John actually banged out three holiday songs before settling on "Merry Christmas."

Sheeran was hesitant to call the song "Merry Christmas" because he figured there were countless songs already with that title. But in a bit of Christmas magic, he went online to search and learned that wasn't true.

"I went on Spotify and I typed in 'Merry Christmas' — nothing. There's 'Merry Christmas Everyone,' there's 'Happy Xmas,' there's 'Merry Xmas.' ... There's not a song called 'Merry Christmas.'"

That is, until now!