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Carson Daly roasts Blake Shelton about his 'awful' old country songs

You are not going to hear Blake Shelton's "Some Beach" getting any play in the Daly household.

It takes a true friend like Carson Daly to really appreciate the songwriting talent of Blake Shelton.

"He had some songs that were awful, songs like 'Austin,' 'Ol' Red,' like about a dying dog," Carson said in an impromptu roast of Shelton on TODAY Friday. “'Some Beach' is one of the worst country songs ever."

"Carson, I can hear everything you’re saying," Shelton said in his Zoom interview. "I’m right here."

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Carson had a field day with his longtime castmate on "The Voice" on the day of Shelton's newest release, a deluxe version of his latest album, "Body Language."

"It really just means he's lazy," Carson said. "Deluxe album. He just throws a couple songs on it. We've heard 'Minimum Wage' for 10 years now. He gets married and writes a new song and he repackages it."

"Carson, I'm right here," Shelton said. "I can hear everything you're saying."

Shelton then described how he "didn't know how to act in front of people" as he resumed playing shows in front of crowds during the pandemic.

"That's every day," Carson cracked.

There were actually some compliments sprinkled among Carson's daggers about Shelton's back catalog. He called Shelton's latest song, "Come Back As a Country Boy," which Shelton performed on TODAY Friday, his favorite Shelton song of all time.

"We listen to Blake in the Daly household every single day," he said. "We ask Alexa, 'Play Blake Shelton "Essentials,"' and we hear some of the greatest country songs ever."

"Some Beach" particularly does not fall under "greatest country songs ever" for Carson, who later called it "so stupid."

"'Some Beach' is actually about Carson," Shelton said.

Carson sees a clear dividing line in Shelton's career.

"Everything before Gwen was awful, and everything now moving forward is the best country music ever," he said.

"So is it because of Gwen, is that what you're saying?" Hoda Kotb asked.

"'The Voice' and Gwen," Carson clarified.

Carson and his family have often spent time with Shelton and wife Gwen Stefani and their children, and he even officiated their wedding this summer. He's close enough with Shelton to give him honest feedback on his work.

"Here's how you know that Carson is one of my best friends," Shelton said. "He texted me when 'Come Back As A Country Boy' came out, he was like, 'Man, this is seriously, this song is killer, this is my favorite song you've ever put out,'" Shelton said. "And then flash-forward to about two weeks ago, because I knew he liked the song, I said, 'Hey, what do you think about the video that just come out?' He goes, 'Yeah, I don't really like your video for that song.'"

"I tell it like I see it," Carson said.

Carson admittedly was impressed with Shelton's live performance at a recent show in Connecticut.

"I only see the Cheeto-eating, drinking side of Blake," Carson said. "I've never seen him work hard, and his concert is incredible. Except when he plays 'Some Beach.' People boo."

Hoda then summed it up for everyone after watching Carson roast Shelton and his "sort-of new album."

"You guys have relationship issues," she said.