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Cardi B says her recent court case forced her to pass up a multi-million dollar deal

Earlier this month, she pleaded guilty and was sentenced for her involvement in a 2018 New York strip club brawl.
/ Source: TODAY

Cardi B is sharing some words of advice with her fans.

The singer used the “stupid decisions” she’s made in the past as a cautionary tale about losing out on opportunities. Cardi claimed that her recent court case caused her to miss out on millions of dollars.

“My stupid decisions from the past caused me to miss out on money now. I had a multi-million dollar Call of Duty deal on the table that I couldn’t take because of court,” Cardi claimed. “Guys think twice about those quick decisions! Lesson learned.”

On Sept. 15, the “WAP” rapper accepted a plea agreement from the Queens County District Attorney’s Office regarding a 2018 strip club brawl.

The original indictment included 12 charges, including two felonies, Cardi’s rep told NBC News. She pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges and agreed to perform community service. The remaining 10 charges were dismissed.

 “Part of growing up and maturing is being accountable for your actions. As a mother, it’s a practice that I am trying to instill in my children, but the example starts with me,” Cardi said in a statement to NBC News following the decision. “I’ve made some bad decisions in my past that I am not afraid to face and own up to. These moments don’t define me and they are not reflective of who I am now.”

Adding, “I’m looking forward to moving past this situation with my family and friends and getting back to the things I love the most--the music and my fans.”

Days before her sentencing, Cardi donated $100,000 to her old middle school in New York. The rapper surprised students and staff at IS 232 in the Bronx on Sept. 13 and expressed in an Instagram post that she hoped the money would be put to a good use.

“I hope my donation can help create an amazing after school program that will help kids stay out the streets or a troubled home and most importantly allow them to learn something that they can take with them through LIFE,” she wrote in part.